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再也不怕變形蟲好球帶!用科學分析無差別打擊奧義 Swing and hit everything in sight!|戽斗達斯 DazSports

再也不怕變形蟲好球帶!用科學分析無差別打擊奧義 Swing and hit everything in sight!|戽斗達斯 DazSports

You’ve probably heard about this mechanism already. This is the origin of the saying “Inside corner high pitches are better to be pulled, while outside corner low pitches are better to be pushed”. Swing and hit everything in sight! Hey everyone, I’m Daz. If we consider chasing balls only to get struck out or hit weak fly balls a mistake every batter shouldn’t make, there is a player who is undoubtedly “infamous” for it. He has no regard for strike zone and makes us curse “You really just swing at that?” in our mind. However, he never failed us. He even created hits out of those pitches that went into dirt. His name is Vladimir Guerrero. If you started watching MLB lately you might be saying “Oh it’s that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. guy, the top prospect of the Blue Jays.” Well you’re only partially correct because the best ball hitter we just mentioned is this guy’s father. Judging only from the clip above you might think it’s merely luck, but when a player had been keeping the same batting strategy and handing out highly efficient stat sheets you wouldn’t call it incidental. People who are familiar with Guerrero probably know that there’s nothing special about his swing, so why could he firmly hit all kinds of sharp and slick pitches? Scientists have done a thorough research on this. In recent years they started to analyze players’ batting mechanism. They finally reached the following conclusion on how to approach pitches in different locations. We’ll just keep it short on the research part. After exact experiments, it’s found that in order for batters to reach the highest exit velocity, they rotate the upper body earlier to turn more in the direction of the third base when hitting an inside corner pitch compared than when hitting an outside corner one. This is probably because batters want to create more space in front of their bodies to avoid having to draw their arms back when hitting inside corner pitches. But, researchers point out that some players, especially young ones, use too much upper body to protect the inside corner of strike zone at the expense of the power from rotation of lower body because they are too worried about missing. Compared with when hitting low pitches, the upper body rotates faster when hitting high pitches and the bat is held higher, similar to the strategy when hitting inside/outside corner pitches mentioned above. Therefore, when attacking inside corner high and outside corner low pitches, in order to get better result, elite batters rotates their upper bodies more when hitting inside corner high pitches. When hitting outside corner low pitches, the lower body rotates first, followed by the swinging part. You’ve probably heard about this mechanism already. This is the origin of the saying “Inside corner high pitches are better to be pulled, while outside corner low pitches are better to be pushed”. Having said so much, what kind of batting posture makes you the next Mike Trout? There really isn’t a standard batting posture that fits everyone, but the criterion remains the same. Keep the center of gravity of your body at the back and make some adjustments according to your hitting habits, hitting strategy and your height then you’ll be able to generate maximum efficiency. Don’t forget that swinging isn’t all about strong arms. The application of upper and lower body rotation also plays a major role. Now go to the batting cage to see if it works! And that’s a wrap. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and share this video to sports lovers or baseball fans. Leave the comments below, let me know what kind of topics you are interested in. Welcome to visit my Facebook page or Instagram for updates. Videos will be uploaded every Sunday evening 1800. Turn on the notification and you won’t miss it. I’m Daz, see you in the next video, bye!


感覺沒有特別解釋到"Vladimir Guerrero"他打擊的獨到之處@@



還有上下半身的旋轉並不會因為打內外角球有所不同,那是啟動時機的問題,不存在哪裡先啟動,基礎練習的要求到最後一定都是同時啟動的,你的說法只會讓人誤會更大。不相信的話你可以試著做個練習 : 用雙手把藥球丟往左外野跟丟往右外野,如果要丟出一樣的距離,你的身體會怎麼反應? 如果照你的方式能"穩定"的丟出一樣的結果嗎? 想想我為何用"穩定"兩字。拿職業球員來說明的確會有倒果為因的可能,這層級的球員可以因球路變化而改變身體各部位的啟動時機,但那是因應球路變化加上有充足的"基本功"才有辦法做出這樣的改變,像是外角變化球因為球進來的晚,軀幹已啟動旋轉,這時延遲手的啟動來穩固擊球點,或者是為了微調球的落點在哪個地方而改變了時機,但追根究柢,這樣的能力是練出來的,是根基在穩固的基本功上,拿職業球員當例子不是不好,但切忌倒果為因,或是說明得知其然卻不知其所以然,這是很危險的。

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