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2017 Wheelchair Softball World Series – Thank You

2017 Wheelchair Softball World Series – Thank You

[music playing] COMMISSIONER: We
were struggling, trying to figure out if
we were going to have a World Series this year. And out of the blue comes a
phone call from Brendan Downes. [music playing] [brendan] Danny and I went over
to the Texas Rangers offices. We basically walked out of
that meeting with a partner and the support of the Rangers. Once it got to that point,
we’re like, all right, we can piece together
the rest of it. There’s been so many people
before me that made it possible for me to come play this sport. There was a talk that
if no one stepped up that we wouldn’t
be all together. And so if I could do something
about it, I wanted to. I just want to say thank you,
from the bottom of our heart, for everybody who stepped
up and took care of this. [music playing]

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