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9 Ball Pool Game : The Object of 9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool Game : The Object of 9 Ball Pool

Hi, In this clip I’m going to show you the
object of the game for nine ball. Today, we’re going to learn the game of nine ball. Nine
ball is a very fast paced game. You usually play where, because it is so fast, to win
the game you actually go and, who can reach the number of seven or eleven. Usually it’s
seven or eleven first. There’s each games and then there’s reaching seven games to win
the match. The game is played with the one through the nine and the cue ball is needed.
When shooting the cue ball, the lowest number on the table must be, that ball must contacted
first by the cue ball. That ball doesn’t have to necessarily go in. You could actually hit
into whatever the lowest ball is into another ball and as long it pockets, it’s a legal
shot. You don’t have to call shots or pockets. You don’t have to call your balls in nine
ball. You just always have to remember to hit the lowest number first and it’s a legal
shot. You continue to play when you make balls and when you either miss or foul, your opponent
plays next. Usually if there’s a foul, he gets ball in hand, which I’ll explain later
is where has the ball anywhere on the table. If you just miss, your opponent plays the
cue ball from where it is and you keep playing until someone successfully sinks the nine
ball. When someone sinks the nine ball the game is over. So come back and I’m gonna show
ya the rack for nine ball.


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