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Ablevision Interviews Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster

Ablevision Interviews Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster

Hi, my name is Craig Halleran and I’m here with Ryan Dempster. What is your family foundation? Well, we have the Dempster Family Foundation which was started in 2010 and it benefits kids with 22Q or DiGeorge syndrome is a huge beneficiary and just try to spread as much awareness as we can for the syndrome and do what we can to help out. What does the foundation do? Well, we’ve had fundraisers, which is raise money to obviously help provide grants to different hospitals, different programs, you know whether it’s sending kids to camp, parent empowerment programs where we are helping the parents to get out in the community, helping them to both understand and to spread awareness and ultimately just to create as much awareness as we can so that, you know this is something that obviously hopefully can be pre-screened for and worldy known and it’s done a lot of great things you know, we’ve had a lot of people help out and it’s been exciting. So 22Q is a partial deletion of the 22nd chromosome and it leads to a bunch of different symptoms obviously things like heart abnormalities, feeding and swallowing issues, auto immune issues, even things as far as cleft palates, speech impediments, and speech delays and those are things that you know we’re trying to educate people on and give the parents a little bit of understanding if they do have a child that’s born with those issues maybe ask questions, ask their pediatrician, and get some answers. How many years were you with the Chicago Cubs? Oh, with Chicago? Yeah. So, I spent nine years with Chicago, yeah a long time. Oh. So now I get to be over here and wear this awesome Boston Red Sox jersey although today it’s a green one for St. Patty’s Day, so I’m excited. Are you enjoying this brand new team? Yeah, you know what, it’s been really tremendous, I was excited to come over here and I didn’t realize how awesome it would be. The guys are all great and being a Boston Red Sock is something that’s pretty special in itself too, so how lucky am I that I got to play for two incredible organizations like the Cubs and now the Boston Red Sox. And do you know how to pitch a baseball? Yeah, you want some tricks of the trade? All right, so if here is your ball, this one right here we’ll show it to the camera. That’s a four-seam fastball. Oh. And then you got a slider, like that. And then a curveball. And my special favorite pitch which is a called a split finger fastball. The reason they call it that, you split the fingers and you throw like that, it falls down. All right, how do you like to be with your new manager? You know what, John Farrell has been, it’s just a pleasure to be able to play for a manager like that, even though it’s only been Spring Training and I’m looking foward to going out there and pitching for him for every fifth day and giving them a chance, and our team a chance to win a ball game. Do you like the assistant, Pedro Martinez? Pedro Martinez? Yeah, you know what, it’s been, we’ve only had him in camp a little bit, but how lucky are we that we had to learn and be around a guy like that, you know, a hall of fame pitcher and just that opportunity, go out and listen to him, what he has to say, and try to learn as much as we can from a guy like that. Is there a Red Sox game here this year? I hope so, yeah, that’s what we’re looking for, you know, that’s something that’s exciting for me to be a part of that rivalry and you know hopefully we’ll keep it clean and just be on the baseball field and those are always fun games, they’re fun for me to watch as a fan and now I get to be a part of them. So, is your hometown Chicago? I live in Chicago now, my original hometown is a little town outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. So, I’m Canadian, don’t hold that against me, all right? Do you like the food here? You know what, this has been some of the best food that I’ve ever had at Spring Training, we have a kitchen here, a great big kitchen with an incredible chef and he puts out awesome food, fish tacos, burgers and steaks and all kinds of fresh food all the time and we’re pretty spoiled with how we get treated. I remember when Curt Schilling, how did he get blood on his sock? That’s a good question, I heard it was Sharpie, you know felt marker Although it could have been really blood, you know what, that’s pretty incredible that he was able to do that and go out there and pitch. Not just pitch, but pitch very well and give the Red Sox a win. I remember when Jason Varitek and A-rod had a brawl. I remember watching that on TV and that’s one person you don’t mess with, you don’t mess with Tek, because Varitek is a big strong guy. I think that you’re probably going to end up on the bottom of that pile anytime that happens so it was a good thing because I think it riled the troops up and they went on to win the World Series that year. Do you exercise a lot in the gym? You try to, you know that’s part of our job, I think is to keep ourselves in as good shape as we can and so I spend some time in the weight room, you know whether it’s riding on the bike, running on the treadmill, lifting weights, stretching, and just try to keep myself as good as shape as I can. All right, cut. And cut, great job! All right. Thank you. Yes. Yeah, great job, man. Yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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