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Advanced Softball Pitching : Softball Pitching Warmups

Advanced Softball Pitching : Softball Pitching Warmups

In this segment, we’re going to teach you
guys how to properly warm up, as far as pitching is concerned. Now, normally there’s different
techniques as far as warming up. One, start off with just simply tossing the ball like
this, and then isolating your arm without moving your feet, by doing a couple of circles.
After every, after every couple of pitches you move back closer towards the mound, now
adding the footwork movement to your pitching. As you step back further when you get closer
to the mound, we do something called a walk through, which we take a couple of steps,
while we’re doing the pitching motion. And, after that usually we add a long toss, and
then we actually take a couple of pitches on the mound. And, that’s the way we properly warm up.

One comment

It's really sad that these instructors teach softball pitching but have no clue what they are doing.  Why would we isolate the arm without moving the feet to warm up?  Do we isolate our arm when we warm up throwing overhand?  No.  Also the coach is teaching her to pitch with a closed hip before her arm comes through.  If you watch her closely you can see her waist and butt pop put because her hips are closing too soon and she's trying to throw around them.

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