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Anime Games SUCK. Dragon Ball FighterZ COULD Change That

Anime Games SUCK. Dragon Ball FighterZ COULD Change That

Are we ready to admit that most anime games
suck now? I’ll even accept if we can agree that they
suck, just a little bit… In an unexpected turn of events we got a brand
new Dragon Ball game announcement. A Dragon Ball game announcement that has ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING to do, with the half-baked formula we’ve been seeing up until now. Up until NOW if you’re blissfully unaware
many of us Dragon Ball fans have suffered through games that are made with the game
itself being put on the back burner. We’ve gotten far too many games that are
ALL spectacle and no real gameplay. This approach leads to die hards loving the
game because it LOOKS like Dragon Ball but reviewers panning the game because it PLAYS
like *censored.* Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be attempting to buck this trend and meeting
everybody in the middle. The game is GORGEOUS and arguably even more
importantly for the larger success of the game in more communities than the die hard
Dragon Ball community, it looks to play just as well. The attention to detail in Fighter Z is incredible,
it has the South Park Stick of Truth “playing an episode of the show” feel, and that’s
not necessarily new, other than the lack of the 2D art styles past games have that in
common. What IS new is that fighter Z achieves this
in a way that doesn’t strip control away from the player. The control schemes of past games felt stilted,
unbalanced, and in many cases frankly not fun to interact with. Fighter Z has the DNA of competitive level
games and is being developed with my personal favorite game design philosophy of them all,
easy to learn, hard to master. & that’s not to say the other Dragon Ball
games WEREN’T easy to learn, they just were shallow. The controls are easy enough to grasp but
more often than not, there’s no real depth there. You won’t see those games at EVO, and you
certainly won’t see a fighting game snob playing it, that’s for sure. In old games every character that isn’t
Goku, Vegeta, or a major villain flat out sucks because of health differences and unbalanced
move pools. Transformations were handled in such a way
that lead to the majority of the characters in the games being severely outclassed. The online multiplayer almost never worked. The problems are endless, really the only
redeeming factor of the games have nothing to do with the fact that they’re games at
all. When the only good thing about your game is
the license it’s based on, you have a problem. The industry has largely moved on from that,
with anime games being the exception. & I find it weird that many fans have grown
to accept this, I personally want the source material I enjoy to be represented in a way
that has merit in different mediums. I think it’s a good thing if a non Dragon
Ball fan can pick up a game and love it based on it’s strengths as a game, I think it
would be AWESOME if a game reviewer that HATED anime could pick up a Dragon Ball game and
love it based on it’s gameplay mechanics and presentation alone. I truly believe Dragon Ball Fighter Z has
the potential to do that for the simple fact that the devs didn’t just stop at studying
the Dragon Ball universe (though it’s DEFINITELY clear that they did their homework in that
area too) they studied the fighting game genre. That says to me that they care if players
receive a game that’s more than a novelty piece. That says to me that they believe in Dragon
Ball’s potential to be relevant in the fighting game community. & most importantly it says to me that they
want to make a game that is worth critical praise, not just love from fans that will
love it based on nothing more than the fact that it’s Dragon Ball. & don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with loving a game because of it’s source material, after all, many
people only give games chances that catch their eye on a superficial level, myself included. But, there needs to be more substance beyond
the source material, a game is about more than window dressing. I just want a game that looks good but first
foremost plays the part too. But those are my thoughts what do YOU think? Are you excited for more Dragon Ball FighterZ? Or do you think Dragon Ball games are fine
as is? Let me know in the comments! & don’t forget
to like the video, but MOST importantly be sure to subscribe for more Dragon Ball talk! Ok, that’s it for me, see you next week.


I would say a lot of anime games suck, not necessarily all. I will how ever say that all Dragon Ball Z games suck, well maybe not the Budokai series……well maybe not the first three lol.

Like your point dude, agreed a lot of these games have just been pushed out the door with the brand sticker and expect you to buy it because of the name.

What other anime games would you say are GOOD? Like, anime games that you would play even if they had NOTHING to do with something you'd like? Something that could get multiple Game of the Year Awards?

is it just me or have people forgotten about dragon ball budokai 3? and i mean budokai 3 not budokai tenkaichi 3 just budokai 3?

so the budokai 3 and tenkaichi 3 sucks, has no depth in the gameplay, and the critics gave them a 1.0 and any other game dat features versus match and is has not a competitive comunty will suck too. Good analisis bro

This nigga is stupid he didn't even play it and he calling it shit. Just look at this dude he look's like he's slow.

well, I enjoy quite a few and I understand where you are coming from. CLASH OF NINJA 2 was one if my favorite Anime games for a LOOOOONG time xD


Not all anime games suck you just haven't played the good ones and only have been playing the shit ones.

Cause if you knew games like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under night In-birth, JJBA Heritage for the Future, Hokuto No Ken, and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax are all good anime fighting games that even got their own Tournaments that could easily be looked up on YouTube but no.

At least look up some of these games before dickriding Fighterz and acting like its the savior of anime fighters when its only saving the DB game series from making shitty 3D games.

Just because it's not "GOTY material" doesn't mean it's bad bruh. The Ninja Storm series was phenomenal, but it just doesn't get enough attention cuz people would rather be sheep and play CoD games or something cuz they're popular(even though CoD isn't even close to what it used to be)

Nice job with clickbaity title tho.

Also, are you implying FighterZ could be GOTY material? If so…..BRUH YOU FUNNY 😂😂😂

I like the video… Surely I do.

Is Dragon Ball Fighter Z is "First" good Anime fighting game? No…

I will say DBFZ good Anime fighting since GGXRv2 and HyperDBZ…

Yes DBFZ looks great and all. But I think we are hopping on bandwagon too fast saying that "Every other Anime fighting game suck compare to DBFZ".

I disagree FighterZ being the first good one.

Budokai 3 and Super DBZ were solid fighting games while maintaining the essence of Dragon Ball. Tenkaichi 3 was also really great at emulating the action of the anime.

OMG, DRAGON QUEST is anime-inspired, will you dare say the series suck?

Several Naruto / Shippuuden fighting games are decent (starting on GameCube that is).
Hajime no ippo boxing on PS2 was decent.
Bleach Dark souls, on Nintendo DS was fine.
I haven't played any of them but the Bayonetta series, technically, is anime-inspired…
Same goes for Pokemon actually…

The mechanics / gameplay of DB fighterZ seem very promising…

I hate to say this man because i respect other peoples opinions but this is just trolling, never heard of DANGANRONPA – CORPSE PARTY – SWORD ART ONLINE HOLLOW REALIZATION – YU GI OH LEGACY OF THE DUELIST – PERSONA – NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM REVOLUTION AND 4 – DRAGON BALL BT3 – SENRAN KAGURA? they are anime games and they are all great and successful, speak for yourself next time and besides Dragon Ball FighterZ is dying on steam 😛 for your info, go see with your own eyes :).

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