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Another Epic Trip to Paradise Fishing Spot!

Another Epic Trip to Paradise Fishing Spot!

Yay! I used the tokayo jig Ikijime! Ohh man, 😔 What’s this? Yellow It’s foul hooked Thats why it took so long Lift it up and pose for tbe video That’s a lot! I couldn’t catch any big ones The slayer! Ok..nice one! It spat out a small fish Let’s go Sad life.. But last night there were lots of fish on the sounder You didn’t cut it in half? No sir Was there a another one earlier? I don’t care if you wont cut it in half It’s easy to turn Oi that’s a big shark Okay!! Shark, don’t attack! Don’t!! You caught 2 already?? It’s a good thing the shark didn’t eat you


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