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APU SELECTS | Life on Film: Stephen

APU SELECTS | Life on Film: Stephen

(upbeat pop music) – Hey everybody, I’m Paul Svagdis, head baseball coach at APU. And I’m here to introduce
you to a new video series called APU Selects. For this week’s APU select,
we’re gonna bring you the 2015 Life on Film of Stephen Vogt. I had an opportunity to coach Stephen while he was a player
here at Azusa Pacific. I think it’s a wonderful story of a family trying to do life well. Both Stephen and Alyssa
are tremendous role-models. Two young people that
have put their marriage, and glued themselves on
their faith walk in Christ. Everything is filtered down from there, to their family, to their
professional career, and then to their communities. Without further ado, here’s
Life on Film: Stephen. (soft, intensifying music) – [Stephen] I think one
of the biggest things that people don’t understand
about the baseball world is that it doesn’t take talent. It’s not who the best players are. It’s who can deal with failure the best. Baseball’s an individual game
played for a team outcome. We play the same game every single night but you have no idea what can happen. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] In fourth
position, and catcher, number 21, Stephen Vogt. – [Announcer] That one’s
hit to right, down the line, and that baby is gone.
(crowd cheers) – [Stephen] If you take
care of your own stuff, you’re a good teammate. The ground ball’s hit to you, you have to make the play,
you have to get the hit. And I think that’s what I love about being a baseball teammate. It’s 25 guys tryin’ to win every night. (announcer talking)
(baseball bat smacks) – [Announcer] Pass to Dowdy, Muncy, down the left field, wow.
(crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Sousa is
going to come around third, he’s gonna try to score. The throw is in time, Vogt holds on. They check in with each other, and the out is recorded at home. – [Stephen] For me,
(chuckles), it’s so much easier to bring a bad game home. I had a coach tell me early
in my professional career that before you go home, you sit, and you make sure you’re ready to wash the day off in the shower. Good or bad, it’s over and you go home and you be a husband and a father. (Stephen yelling) (little girl squealing) – [Woman] You better hurry,
Daddy’s gonna get you. – [Girl] (giggling) No, no! (little girl squealing)
(woman giggling) – [Woman] Silly! – [Stephen] The hardest
part is when you are in the lower level minor leagues and you feel like there’s no getting out. You feel like you’re trapped. You feel like, I can see the big leagues, but they are on the
other side of the world. Night, night honey. – [Child] Night, night, I love you. – [Woman] Love you. – [Stephen] I truly believe
that the only reason I came out of that down moment, that in that pit, so to
speak, that I was in, is because A, I had faith. God had faith in me. B, I came from a place, in
Azusa Pacific University, that gave me the skills
to get out of that place. (upbeat music) If you aren’t happy with
who you are in Christ, you’re not gonna be happy
on the baseball field. (bat smacking) So, you’re faith will
carry you through that. I’ve said my whole life,
I went from high school, went in the fall at Azusa
Pacific, when I’m like, yeah, I’m gonna get cut. We got so many good players here. I had no idea I was gonna
make it through the fall. Then I got drafted. I said, man, if they
just give me opportunity, I know I can do it. – [Announcer] That one
is launched to right. (crowd cheering) And that baby’s gone. Vogt with a three run shot. – [Announcer] And that one’s sent high and deep to right field. – [Announcer] And that baby’s gone. – [Announcer] It’s a
first inning grand slam. – [Announcer] He’s had
two, two home-run games. He’s had three, three run home-runs. And how about his first career grand slam, and how about staying hot, Stephen Vogt. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Vogt line to the left field, a base hit, Seth Smith will score, and the Oakland A’s walk off with game two of the ALDS. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Stephen
Vogt, with 17 big game Rbs, with the RBI to win it. – [Announcer] What a big hit by Vogt. Passed out the first three times up, what a night, what a shut
out, got the game-winning hit. (light music) – [Stephen] The beauty of
kids is that whether daddy was four for four or O for four, she wants a smile and a hug and a kiss. And that’s it. She’s so genuinely excited
to see me after every game that I don’t care how great
or bad my day was at work, I forget about it and I
go home and I’m a dad. (upbeat pop music)

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