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Baseball and the Bible – Which Do You Know Better?

Baseball and the Bible – Which Do You Know Better?

Is there anything more manly in life
than knowing your baseball trivia? Think about it. It’s a chance to show off your
knowledge of history. No, the first All-Star Game took place in 1933. It’s a
chance to show off your knowledge of math. You know if he’d have gotten just five more hits, he’d hit .400. It’s even a chance to show off your knowledge of
geography. Yeah, they were actually the first team based outside the continental
United States. Unfortunately, it can also backfire on you sometimes, too. I don’t
know how you can remember things like the Dodgers winning the World Series in
1966 and you can’t remember our anniversary. I’m sorry honey. I can’t
explain it either. And I didn’t forget the date, I just forgot to make
reservations, that’s all. And by the way, it was the Orioles. Huh? The Orioles won the World Series in 1966, not the Dodgers. (sigh) It’s a gift. Hey guys, Robbie Sondag here with a little
Godly advice for living a more meaningful life. Well if you’re a
baseball fan this is an exciting time of the year with the World Series just
around the corner. And baseball, like no other sport, seems
to turn all of us into kind of like trivia experts. I mean, why is it that we
all know that Joe DiMaggio holds the record for the longest hitting streak? Or
that Pete Rose is the hit king? Or that Cal Ripken holds the record for the most
consecutive games played? Well to the normal person these things seem trivial.
But to the avid fan, they’re an integral part of the game’s history, and a vital
part of a bigger story that’s still going on today. Well the same could be said about the Bible. It seems like everyone knows that
Noah built an ark and the David killed a giant. And to the non Christian, these
might seem like nothing more than mere bedtime stories. But to the Christ
follower we know that these are an integral part of our history and a vital
part of a much bigger story that’s still going on today – a story that involves
each one of us. Unfortunately, many of us know our baseball trivia better than we
know our Bibles. Well the good news is we can change that by getting into the
Word daily, not so we can impress our friends, but so that we can draw closer
to God and live lives that have much deeper meaning. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Guys, it’s hard
to hide God’s Word in your heart if you don’t know it. Why not commit yourself to memorizing this verse and then acting on it. The
game of baseball is all about winning the Fall Classic. But the game of life is
all about God’s saving us from the classic fall. I just made that up. It’s pretty good. So yes there is something more manly in
life than becoming a baseball trivia expert. It’s forming the habit of getting
into the Word daily so that you can become a life expert. And trust me, that’s
a fact it’s far from trivial. And . . . we’re here. Closed? What? Did you forget they’re remodeling here? I can’t remember everything, just the important stuff. We’ll have to try someplace else. Maybe you can bring me here on my birthday instead.
That’s a great idea. When is that again? I’m joking. It’s the 31st, right? Of
January. I knew that. I think. Hey if you’d like a weekly dose of humor, truth, and
encouragement, go ahead and subscribe to this channel by clicking the subscribe
button and the notification bell so you don’t miss a single episode. And make
sure to check out this week’s bonus video where you’ll get a chance to test
your baseball knowledge with my brand-new baseball trivia quiz. And we
will see you next time for another installment of Manly Moments. Go Cardinals!

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