BASEBALL: VMI Highlights

Ushering in a truly new
era of Virginia baseball, we’re happy to bring you to
the new and improved Davenport Field. Welcome back to grounds for the
first time in the 2018 season. Now with the count
full and two outs, the runner at first, Maddox,
will be off with the pitch. Eikhoff retreats behind him. Line drive over the head
of Novak into left field. A base hit. And VMI will strike first. An RBI single for Will Malbon. 2-2 pitch. Line drive back to
the middle, and that is through for a base hit. One run is home to score, as
Malbon’s across the plate. And here comes Fleischer. The ball gets away from
McCarthy in center field. This is going to
clear the bases. Home all the way from
first is Dunlevy. It is 5-0, VMI. Line drive, left field. Cody racing over to the line. He’s going to have to
play it on a bounce. And home to score from
second base is Huggins. And it is a six-run
first inning. Again, a 2-2. Breaking ball swung
on and missed. And Donahue sets him
down to retire the side. Ground ball up the
middle from Ortiz. Off the glove of the shortstop. Into short center field. Cody around third. He’s breaking for the plate. Here comes the
throw up the line. And not in time. Cody slides in safely, and
Virginia’s on the board. Swing and a little lazy
fly ball, shallow center. McCarthy charging in on
the move into a dive, and he makes the catch. Now the payoff. Swing, and a ball lined
down the right field line. Sinking in a hurry. And that is a fair
ball for Caleb Knight. Home from third, Novak. Weber around third. He’s going to come in and score. And Caleb Knight with
the extra base hit. Second appearance now as a Hoo. This one sails to the backstop. Runners coming home. Knight’s going to charge and
flip to the pitcher covering at the plate, and they got him
trying to score from third. Swing, and a ball driven
out towards right center. Got it off the end of the bat. A long run for McCarthy. He’s got to play it on a hop. One run is in, as home
from third is Maddox. Behind him is Malbon. And a big two-out hit. And a 1-2 pitch from Eagle. Swing, and a ground
ball up the middle. Ranging is the shortstop. Fielded by Eaton. Throws to first, and VMI
knocks off Virginia 9 to 4.

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