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Beep Baseball Tutorial

Beep Baseball Tutorial

Hi guys. This is Justin from
Camp Abilities and this is a beep baseball tutorial.
Beep Baseball is a sport designed specifically for people with visual impairments or blindness.
Beep Baseball is a modified version of traditional baseball which uses sound sources for both
the bases and the ball. Here is the equipment we use for beep baseball. The beep baseball is approximately one and
a half times the size of a traditional baseball. It has a pin located at the top that when
you pull it a sound is activated. (high pitched beeping). In order to shut the sound off,
you need to re-place the pin back into the ball. On the other side of the ball are the speakers
where the sound comes out of. Our next piece of equipment is a sound device used for a base. This particular sound device
has multiple tones, volumes and rates and is activated by an on and off switch. (Lower pitched beeping) (Beeping pitch and rate varies). Other more traditional bases are large blue padded bases that are cylinders
and attached to a square base and those bases are activated by a switch. Other equipment for beep baseball is very
similar to equipment used for traditional baseball including a rubber tee and a regular
softball bat. Cody is now going to be our batter. When batting or when setting up the base, you want to make
sure that the pin is away from the batter so that the sound source is toward the batter
making it easier to orient themselves. While working with an athlete, you want to show
him where the ball is with the bat first. Tell him to move the bat away and get into
hitting position. Pull the pin and then say swing away. When you say swing away that means
it’s time for him to hit. (high pitched beeping). Swing away Cody! Cody is now going to demonstrate base running.
After Cody makes contact with the beep ball, one of the two bases activates sound and then
he runs to that base. The.. to determine which base is sounded, generally the base caller
will decide to put on the base furthest away from where the ball is going. Please put the bat down. That’s where the
ball is. Bring it back. I’m going to pull the pin. Wait until I say swing away. (high
pitched beeping). Swing Away! (base beeping). Cody is now going to demonstrate the defensive position and how to gather the ball when it
is coming towards you. When you’re in a defensive position, you stand with your knees bent slightly
and your hands in front of you in an athletic position. As the ball comes,…Dennis…
(ball beeping), you get on your hands and knees to retrieve the ball and gather it as
fast as you can. When you raise it above your head and say “Got it”, that’s how you know
the play is over. After receiving the ball, you bring it to the person closest to you
and they’ll bring it back to the plate. We are now going to review defensive positioning for Beep Baseball. Each position is assigned
a number in order to keep things organized. When the ball is hit off the tee, a number
is called and that position is assigned to pick up the ball. As you can see the positions
are arranged in a triangular formation. The purple cone, where Dennis is standing is position
one. The green cone is number two. The yellow cone is position three. The blue cone is position
four. The red cone is position five and Cody is standing at position six at the orange

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