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Before You Punish A Child, See This

Before You Punish A Child, See This

See, there is a story of a major league baseball player who’s speaking to inmates in prison. One of the inmates asks him, “How did you become a professional ballplayer sir?” to which he says, “You know, I think it started when I was a boy. I will play catch with my dad and he would always say ‘You keep throwing the ball like that son and you’ll end up in the major leagues one day,’ ‘You keep swinging a bat like that son and you’ll end up in the major leagues one day,’ and here I am, A professional ballplayer.” The room became quiet and the inmate who asked the question, he said, “You know, the same thing happened to me. When I was a boy my father told me that I was good for nothing and that one day, I would end up in prison and here I am.” Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, WRONG! See, words can cut deeper and faster, longer than any sword known to man. I still haven’t forgotten what they told me as a kid the (the) teasing the insecurities that it created. Have you? Consider the story of a little girl. She’s in the grocery store with her mother and she drops a bottle of milk onto the floor breaking it. The mother says “You stupid child. Why did you do that?” Consider the story of another little girl who’s in the grocery store with her mother. She drops the bottle of milk onto the ground breaking it and this mother says “THAT was a very stupid thing you did” Which child do you think will grow up to have a healthier self-image and more self-confidence? The one who was – who was called stupid or the one whose action was called stupid? See, it is important to be mindful of the words that we use to our – our friends, our families, our loved ones, and strangers because sticks and stones CAN break our bones but words can break our hearts. And if we’re not careful, It can shatter our dreams. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching that video. If you haven’t joined the family yet, please be sure to subscribe to this channel and click that little–that little bell so that you never miss a beat. And for more insider information, challenges and offers sign up to my personal email list at And lastly, don’t forget this. Make each breath count. Peace.


Me: an introversion
My mom: it because that phone
Class mate : you such a weird kid
Stranger: you're so rude, we don't want to become a friend
Me: ;-;

Yea, Mexican parents wouldn’t give 2 fucks bout this. We learn from getting hit and yelled at.

Tahoe only thing I hate about my parents is

Parents: "DINIQUA"
Me: "yes"
Me: "Yeahh?"
Parents: "DINIQUA!!!!!"
Me: " YESSSS?"
Me: Gets mad and walks towards them
Me: "yes"
Parents: "nvm your to late I already done it"

Have faith, believe in your self, most importantly push your self and tell your self everyday you can do it. Don't quit 🙏🙏🙏

Some parents punish their child if they did something wrong or really wrong and some parents have stress that’s why they punish their child for little things like talking to loud

looks back


ah shit yeah i waa bullied everyday in elemntary school

ah shit yeah my dad and mom shitted over me every time i got into fights

ah shit yeah same shit with bad grades

i wanna die honestly im useless waste of space

But see now
Our parents don't watch these kinda videos
And if they do
They will call "us" and "you" stupid
We can't do nothing bout it

You know what's funny? Is that I'm watching this instead of my parents… In fact, I watch everything related to being good parents, instead of my actual parents.

Things you should never say to a child:
*Comparing them with other kids*
That will make them jealous.
*Never tell them not to cry*
In the future, they might have trouble controlling their emotions
You need good grades
Did you know, Knowledge is more important than grades?
Just love them, and take care of them

Stick and stone can break my bones but word will never hurt me.

* throws dictionary at the person
Well a dictionary is full of word

“It can shatter our dreams”

My dreams have already been shattered due to multiple problems in life and large amount of work in school

My mom always compares me to others. Oh why are you not like her?she always helps?why are you so emotional?stop crying. I’m begin me, can’t I begin me?i want to be myself and not someone other, I only live now, in this body at this time.

No one support me when I was little, my mom on duty, she's a soldier rarely come home, my dad avoiding child support that leave me alone with my grandma, I don't know what I will become tomorrow, God know

In my school, everybody calls me bad things and make fun of me for not following the herd. I want to be me, not copy everybody else

Me: is stressed by school, time, and expectations of others
My Mom: ugh you got a 98% how dare you its because of those games (that i dont even play) isnt it

Me:*shows my Mom the vid*
Also me: So…
My mom:So what, you need to be showing this to your dad.
Me:*shows Dad*
Dad:And? What you tryna' say before I bust yo' head.

Hey Prince! Don’t think your gonna reply but can I use this as inspiration for a presentation? At my school every year grade 4 and up make a inspirational presentation and watching this touched my heart,so is it ok if I use it? 😁

I'm the opposite of my parents. I'm the one who calls myself stupid and and thinks I'm stupid. And my mom says "Listen to me, you are not stupid."

They mean a lot but they also come through one ear and out the other. It's hard thinking you aren't dumb but I hope with encouragement i can better accept that all humans make mistakes and it is okay.

After seeing this video. I felt like I wanted to kill myself of how my dad and mom treated me when I was a kid😔

My little sister: *breaks a bowl and blames it on me

My parents:*literally saw with their own eyes it wasn’t me it was my evil little sister!
Few seconds later…

*I get in trouble instead of my little sister where she’s the one who did it and I didn’t even do anything and my little sister laughs at me

Me: I am really sick
DAD: What would you think would happen when your are sitying at home 24 hours a day. Stupid, I told you to eat more food and I told you to go out with your friends. I told you to clean that disgusting room and I told you to change your cloths. You are here with me acting like you know everything when you should be studying 24 hours.
Mom:I am surprised you arent dead.

Next day
Me: comes home at 9:00,
Dad: where were you,now you think you have grown. Always hanging out with your friends,u never have time for us. You never love me, How could God give a kid lile you. You know how much i use to help my dad.

But I still my dad and my mom so much sooo mucchh. I will miss and love them for ever. Even if they act like they dont know it.

The most hurt word that my own father said to me "i'm not smart you good for nothing" but im joking and it really hurt, hurtful than physical hurt
And thanks to my father that it's getting happen f/low grade and now he saying make a way that make your self useful but guess what, it's never happen and I'm here lonely low grade teacher disappointment,no friends,one good parent to love me but it's still hurt so much deep inside

0:41 to 0:56. You know, I think people who committed crimes are just like kids. You can’t be perfect. Greed can be sometimes toxic but, harming others can be more then greed. Prisoners sometimes reflect on their life, seeing shows like Scared beyond straight is like a stage. The prisoners do be rough and violent but deep down, they don’t want the youth to make the same mistakes. They’ll serve their times, but they want to understand that there is no one to blame but themselves. Sure, at first it would be like that but till the day they finally mature. They open their minds.

The worst thing my mum told me is I'm addicted to gaming. When I'm not

Hurts me still to this day and it happened in 2018

I’m 12 and I think I’m growing up healthily. My dad always say, “Don’t compare yourself to other people. You are what I want you to be.”

The worst think my parents said is when they said im an accident, mistake, disgrace…
(Im the oldest kid btw)

Me does a wrong – punished me and scolds me.
Me getting 90+ of percentage – says nice, you should have been at first place,and doesn't even care.

I've taken a bit of verbal abuse from some d*ck-heads on my school bus but I have fought through it. To anyone suffering from bullying or abuse, stay strong. You WILL pull through.

All right, have a great day 😋

I grew up with an abusive that. Im a teen, and I still get called useless and a faggot. I’m used to it, but I get jealous when I see my classmates having a good day with their dads, and I’m here trying not to make him angry.

People used to call me fat which is why I stopped wearing shorts for a while but then when I realized that yes I may be fat but I’m capable of doing anything, so on our schools picnic day I wore shorts and this one girl or bullied me for a while she cam into the bathroom and called me “sausage legs” but I didn’t care

U see I watch this but my parents are good parents but we get in fights and I’m srry for doing for all of these

Something like this happened to me my parents would always tell me that I needed to be better than everyone else and when I failed it made me “Lazy” and I remember beating myself up mentally and sometimes physically when I wasn’t “Better” even though I never wanted to be better I wanted to be me

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