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Best Denver Suburbs for Families | Highlands Ranch CO Map| Northridge

Best Denver Suburbs for Families | Highlands Ranch CO Map| Northridge

Looking for Denver’s best suburbs? You
know I got the goods! Let’s go start our tour. Hey everyone I’m Alyson Wahl with
Live South Denver and Keller Williams DTC, welcome back to my channel. Today we
are still in Highlands Ranch on our tour, but we’re in Northridge. Northridge is
the original community for Highlands Ranch and it also includes the historic
Highlands Ranch mansion, so let’s go start our tour we don’t want to wait any
longer. We’re standing on historic ground, this is Diamond K Park named after
Diamond k Ranch which has been around since the 1880s. the Diamond K Ranch is
what became Highlands Ranch, so Diamond K Park here is named in honor of
Diamond K ranch and the history of Highlands Ranch. And right up the road is
the Highlands Ranch mansion which is also part of our tour here for
Northridge. We’ve seen some homes as we walked here
into the park and these homes are original to Highlands Ranch, they’re
1980s homes, they’re actually quite large for the time in which they were built –
even large in today’s standards, beautiful homes and many of them are,
obviously because we walked by them, are backing up to the park here. Great homes
to jump into as they come on the market. As we’ve talked about in previous videos,
open space homes homes that back to parks are really highly coveted here in
this area, so if you have the opportunity and you’re looking at Highlands Ranch,
always jump on that if you can. This is Northridge Park it’s adjacent to the
Northridge rec center. I’m not gonna stop and show you the Northridge rec center
today because it sits right on the main road and they’re doing some work on the
parking lot right up front and have sent us all to the back which is right here
where the park is. The Northridge rec center has a couple of unique features
to it, it does have both an indoor and an outdoor pool the indoor pool has a aqua
climbing wall that is definitely something that the other rec centers
don’t have which is very fun. Climbers have to sign a waiver, but it’s twelve
foot wall it arches back over the pool so that if – or when – you fall you drop
right in the water, definitely is something the kids would
love. This park is a really popular one because it has a load of green space
under really mature trees because this is the
original rec center -with adjacent Park- to Highlands Ranch. So you will see a lot
of people here for graduation parties large events for family and things like
that. It’s just a really great space to host large groups of people and have a
lot of fun. It also is very busy on the weekends for t-ball baseball softball
things like that on the large fields adjacent as well. We’re in Venneford Ranch which is one large and very popular neighborhood in the Northridge
area. There’s several small subdivisions in Venneford Ranch, Venneford Ranch is
really – it’s Vennford Ranch Road – it’s a long road that runs from
University to Highlands Ranch Boulevard, and off of that are several little
subdivisions. And the neighborhood itself is very popular, has some beautiful homes
lots of great open space runs through it and I wanted to give you a peek at the
homes as we walk through and then I have a little cut through to some of the open
space for you to see exactly why people really do love living in this area. I
think you’ll probably hear the rocks crunching under my feet so let’s take a
look. So this is a foot path that cuts right between the houses and goes out to the open space and I want you to see how large it is. This
is, well, this is why we get mountain lions, and bear cubs, and all sorts of
wild things, bobcats… just so much space. So if you don’t like the idea of
mountain lions, bear cubs, bobcats, coyotes… you’re gonna want to live far inside the
neighborhood and even then it’ll be a risk. We just had a story of a mountain
lion in the neighborhood across the street from where I live at 2:00 a.m.
coming into someone’s yard, and that’s not terribly near open space
that would be mountain lion territory. The Highlands Ranch mansion is the
center of the history of Highlands Ranch it was built sometime in the 1800s they
don’t know the exact history of it. They had originally thought there was one
owner and then as they were renovating and found an etching in one of the
stones they realized there was a different owner which has led to a
little bit different understanding of the history of it.
So the Highlands Ranch is founded on Diamond K Ranch which we learned about
back when we were visiting Diamond K ranch park and then Highlands Ranch came
out of that as it was sold off and then developed into all of these homes and
this great place to live. The history of Diamond K ranch included a fox hunt Club
though they didn’t have Fox they hunted coyotes. And that hunt club is still in
existence, it’s just relocated up into the Cherry Creek
area of Denver. And they do hunts everywhere from Wyoming to Larkspur
Sedalia and out east. I’ll do what I can to give you a glimpse of why this was
the spot they chose to build the mansion it really is beautiful and has the best
views of the mountains. Alright everybody that concludes our
fantastic tour of Northridge and Highlands Ranch and all that it has to
offer. fantastic neighborhoods, great parks, of
course this amazing mansion behind us that’s the start of Highlands Ranch. What
can I do for you? Do you have questions? Are you thinking about moving here? Are
you relocating locally, from across the country? Give me a call, shoot me a text,
send me an email, I would love to answer your questions. I’m helping people from
all over the country and here locally moved to South Denver all the time and I
would love to help you as well. While you’re at it,
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you get bobcats and mountain lions out there? I like the open space but not sure about the wild life. I don't normally support hunting but I don't like coyotes. Its funny hat they call themselves a fox hunt club. Great video!

Alyson! It's so great that all I have to do to stay current on Denver real estate is keep watching your vids. Diamond K Ranch looks great with all that open green space between the homes. Highlands Ranch & Northridge looks much the same. It is interesting to know that wildlife is living right there in these subdivisions. We get coyotes and havalina wandering into Phoenix neighborhoods too.

Looks like a Great place to live. I like the wide open spaces and the wildlife. One of the reasons I spent 13 years in Alaska. If I know someone moving to Denver I'll tell them to see you.

Love seeing the style of homes and landscaping in very different markets that here in Savannah, GA. I know some people in Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs. They love it out in CO.

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