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Beyblade Burst | NEW SlingShock vs SwitchStrike! Turbo / GT / Rise Episode

Beyblade Burst | NEW SlingShock vs SwitchStrike!  Turbo / GT / Rise Episode

hi welcome back to the Blast Zone today
we got a special game Red from the Blast Zone Squad is here – we got four new
Hasbro beyblades – 2 SwitchStrike Hades h3 and turbo Valtryek V3
what 2 SlingShock did you get? I got the two newest slingshot beyblades turbos
Spryzen S4 perfect Phoenix P 4 ah we’re gonna find out which one is better
SwitchStrike or SlingShock let’s open these up here’s one about track before
so cool guys way better than the other file check here’s the energy layer the
tip is attack normally like the real big on like beyblade most the first of all
trip now here’s Hades h3 switch strike it looks really cool it’s gonna destroy
it it’s a lot lighter than the Takara Tomy
hades red now show us yours spray for the energy layers a lot tighter on
the force disc which should we like a few major advantage again elegance how
to throw beyblades here’s perfect phoenix I don’t like that color scheme
wanna I wish it was like kind of a blue and purple like similar this way this is
like dark and like disgusting it’s Bailey it’s like garbage but like you
know James’s garbage don’t like non-spam it’s very widget be sure to stay tuned
to the end of this video because we are gonna have a special poll which one out
of these or beyblades is the best a blade to make it more fun we’re gonna
add four more beyblade for our battles switched right so I get switched strike
bays and he gets slingshock since he got slingshot is he ready the favor I am
picking sprig in every night or you calculate long this beat coolkid turbo
if you use my final pick X beyblade war for years can beat this one now we
got our base I got to check he’s got sting shot first battle ruin it bloody
Longinus first two points three two one minutes you’re saying we don’t talk about it 2-0
I lost the first battle in two seconds my favorite for this round is orichalcum
what is your trash cans in copper Phoenix I’m calling it for no one so
it’s a battle heyyo bright thing like klappa beyblade
that would look like oil sands come on you gotta make a target yoga ball 1-0 I
want that feeling what do you mean you lost your first battle destroyer Joe thanks to God now I’m using boundary so
this kids obviously um Oh Shawn yeah that’s what I’m calling him right now you’re new and you watch hope you’re so
lucky I don’t have my chest for a trash can for you that’s that I’m using beak
Culkin hello salamanders not one zero real finish a bit
I bet negative $1 yeah I wasn’t I was I wasn’t looking today when I get to the
blast I was glad my name is blast I’m kiddin we’re gonna be doing another
battle with them it’s gonna be me surprising s4 against this kid and have
fun watch your sword up cuz you that is not how I sound
I’m going in with a skies x4 0 keep getting clapped you sure about that are you sure about
that yeah are you sure about that alright guys next battle hey hey so that was an honesty disappoint luck
look actually 1-0 ladies on winning eight no mercy we’re down to our three finalists three
switch strike orichalcum beat kokkonen and free slingshots are doing the james
bloody lunges luckily and they might need those sprays and feel tying with
Ross ahead I’m not tying with you I’m gonna beat
you guys an extra to trash shop your eye right ready this battles gonna be beat
coolkid bloody Longinus three two one little job fair oh yeah Oh glide juicier my next beyblade is
haze the Achilles what was that what did you just do
and your karma for life away alright how long we’ll see what do you think you’re
cool in fact the opposite what happened alright I’ll I’ll flick yours what is
that okay so you’re calling that happy and leave on your Damon going on so um did you even go I’m pretty good
huh yeah mine has been cleaning grates after I beat you
my next beyblade is orichalcum phrasing s forehand
three two one oh good oh yeah it’s under my yoga ball oh no I thought I don’t
like edit that I grew like a yoga ball I can’t get a guy standing on it bounce on
it so once you’re up thank you these are my babies in your so
d-10 that’s my last big lenses the Kiwis go get the ball
beatbox oh my god Dex battle alright guys here’s the moment of truth which
one is the best out of these four switch try and slingshot beyblade be sure to
take the pole up on my head now let’s get on to the last bag
alright guys this is the last battle let’s do this orichalcum the best switch
drive bay weight in my set viajes best slingshot be late into my set
alright let’s do it special move drag it here about that hey
amber orbs now or interval this or stat yes
one zero next point I win dude wonders hey your speed I’m gonna win how’d you
feel about losing you’re sure about that ultimate art story it looks like switch strike swing shock
shock switch dragon shot hook the tournament thank you guys for coming
back to lasso please subscribe he’s like we are gonna have blasting squad videos
coming up soon State House house bye guys have fun

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