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Beyblade | Ultimate SlingShock Marathon | All 32 Hasbro Turbo Beyblades!

Beyblade | Ultimate SlingShock Marathon | All 32 Hasbro Turbo Beyblades!

hi guys we’re back to the Blast Zone today
we got a big marathon 32 SlingShock beyblades this is gonna be the BIGGEST
slingshot marathon EVER on YouTube we got the new Excalibur we got Hazard Kerbeus, Achilles and Kraken my personal favorite we start with 32 then
16 then 8 and 4 then 2 we’re gonna find out which one is the absolute best you
should buy for Slingshock beyblade LIKE this video guys and also Blader Bash
is coming up guys June 22nd in Dallas let’s get on with this crazy battle very
first battle if XCalius X4 versus lightning – let’s do this
first to 1 point – on the roof alright let’s eat luster Excalibur can destroy
lightning this joke alright I have a battle this day yet and
it looks really good it’s one point on you got this except I actually thought
he was gonna lose for a second cause it’s down those didn’t pretty bad but he
gives off now this power can be ogre which is cracking Larry right you got
this section all right pretty good a test
oh there’s like a balance base so it’s really hard to knock off balance Kraken
wins it over is out it’s one of our checks hazard to make it foggy about the
smell cream it’s really easy to burst your beyblade Valkyries I’ve added all you
need to do is like warm up don’t do that please
– how’s your commands moves on bikes leopard vs. poison high risk – when
there you talk to slice leverage now time
ultimate cool right let’s see life’s leopard actually
destroys where it’s gonna be a sound about oh this is famine about we’re in
trouble boys and I responded come on boys and I wrote up hope and
that trash by severed wanes it next battle the Keeley’s beyblade speech all
right come on Achilles it show all right faints an Achilles are totally different
base so space is an attack and keys is a balance this is could go either way it’s
really easy to brush the sick series but Sphinx is kind of bad and then the
flying species account space moves on Cyclops come on
they both look like they’re running out of stamina and their attacks are both
bad I think ing oh I mean he’s got it yeah I mean it’s got the win
that fellow’s flack Achilles vs. mini Boros there it all right a little pretty
better time for a minute blows now Keeley’s is on attack so I’m guessing
one who is really hard it goes into attack mode an Achilles one the attack revise Phoenix armor cut off that means
easily there was a few attacks the beginning will take too long I got this
survival finish ones on health salamander it was just a toy the rock god – one
there right-ho salamander the first rest day
to be whipped in the marathon no salamander isn’t that bit of a beige
balances terrible established beyblade attacks it’s so bad
something about this face bad but the only thing you good at is getting people
off balanced and you want how sound under 1 by getting him off balance
the next battle is Judas crash rock you’re right
so rocks are worthless down the type in Anubis is a beyblade suit but it knew this
first more you’d attract the North has a metal tip so when it loses like stamina
it’s gonna start like losing more sentences metal not plastic all down the
stamina there’s rocky will get the win and he does get the win barely fetch em
off versus let’s go little kid vs. Archer Hercules I think our charges just
slaughter him like you slaughter everything with a rebound finish the
next battle any laundry means versus you try come on to this I don’t like to
touch you just kind of wore it all after that he’s like tiny food but
he got Neutron really off balance she doesn’t hit him under this coat either
way guys all I think laundry is coming he moves on next I wonder about Rick was
a jumbo dormitory let’s go all right you got to stop don’t you
literally had to just tap them flipped over the object moves on next rounds and
performance versus blizzard going on there it all right you got this morning
now it’s time that was so cool horniest wins its battle Scroobius – Oh grace is
an attack right now typhoon always defeated is it tak city
good now our last battle for the first down is prep to enrich is nip Street one
the rich you got this trap to destroy him oh he’s going on some pretty good at
Radford doesn’t look like it’s doing that much
oh you can’t beat him in a stand battle nap trance beats him now we’re moving on
to the second round guys this second round we got some big stars western sky
where half of a it’s wife’s leopard this is gonna be big and then the first
battle is gonna be Buster Excalibur Bal trick her up let’s do this balls out
react field right here caliber moves on to the third round next battle is
classic foot truck you got discretion all right let’s see how Kraken defend
himself run attacks all these different you’ve walked out attack
patrolman guys know what stamina is it’s actually oh that’s what Kraken guys the
trash cans cracking moves on Heelys versus passive creep it’s really
easy to say he’s like first the base moves on right natural hero right to war
car right let’s do this alright let’s see have Cuvaison tats I really like
only really strong against rocky walk because his down and defense is so good
luckily I was pretty strong hit her Bey’s attacks is so strong he is she
rocked a war dance moves on to the third round in performance for C cool that he
watching is two stars all right you got this horniest beat
them in attack strength only what is I need to do too old
all you need to do is hit bloody Andaluz in the back and yo looks like that once
you hit him in the back he leaked beyblade moves on
now it’s Sphinx anniversary’s door all right let’s see space could be doing
how’s about say 15 scenes can be too ahead go ahead
who’s our next advise leopard vs neck beyblade all right
right separates attacks are really good they’re drag attack so drag attack
remember draggy he attacks them and then drives it which makes them lose stamina
and plus the attacks like that he’s dragging him by slipper and moves on
next is salamander versus diabete fuller it all right you got this fabulous don’t
be afraid to tell salamanders good Oh diabetes getting destroyed you got
diabetes yes diabetes it moves on to the third
round we got by slipper diabetes upper 40s go ahead
Grafton Kaaba is Buzzard scholar and curve a yes first of two points now guys
its third round its hazard care base versus Buster Excalibur
this gonna be big to one though alright Buster Dukakis what suit attacks
are really good against the fence so you’ll probably break these defense and he moves on to the tours around now next
is cracking versus whether it you got this crack and I’m voting for you I
don’t like revenge seconds broadly but sadly attacks awards that wall cracking
they’re like nothing to craft see he’s not even hurt he’s like change your your
crack or anything to alert you got this crackin the biggest – crashing whoa
crashing I’m in attack after you got curb a sweet you got crepes in the bag
yes beyblade it moves on to the semifinals next battle with Doyle and vs. 4 news
let’s stick to one there right 40s is in stamina right now in Johanna is it an
attack is it Patrick pretty sharp sloppy go ahead they don’t
do that much fun is yeah clearly at this battle you can already shit yes 1-0 there’s always one in that
pocket all right go ahead there you coming up
with the first to find out pretty close Vanya’s has sweet lose on the
semi-finals now the blast routed to find out who’s
gonna be in the semi-finals fights leopard vs. dying one the rich Diomedes snacks you when you want a lot
of battles by sevens attacks are really good sometimes what is attacked
sometimes to be like the worst attacks ever like we start losing stamina you
touch her close Diomedes is sadly not the bigger bag
whoever has the biggest weigh-in the bigger base probably the winner gets
down the battle oh boy oh pretty good attacked by slippered all by slipper
need is one more test take that cheap diabetes is out now the final four
cracking my slipper but stretched Albert and for Gnaeus the first battle is gonna
be vice leopard vs. Warren its first four three points one the rich deep
corneas cutouts caramel slippers all right we got a chick down Justin from
the semifinals by Vice Leopard is attached don’t look like they’re doing
that much to four nice because Warren is is a difference and a stamina but I
didn’t put him in a tackle to katchafire weak against sharp interface we will this meeting really by slipper
did lose it what whoa by forever lost one zero one zero forty is winning due
to when the written the corn is out stamina by slippered again let’s find
out why should other actually get to do some attacks and got them off balance
you just need to keep it going consistent wrong attacks cuz if we just
go one strong attack small attack really like like that Oh life’s leopard is
actually doing a lot to corniest corniest is off balance all I need is one good attack and we’ll
be good but whenever attacks he loses some of the stem that so he goes in for
a big attacking uses opposite step right now beyblade looks like he’s gonna win
right so if it just comes out at the last second Birds p2 but that tense I’m
happy yet one funniest you got this my separate talks yes
bye-bye for nice is gonna bet on the last round
now Buster Excalibur is is correct to one there it let’s see if Kraken
conversed Excalibur is the other way around
now Kraken has more style than Excalibur but Excalibur’s attacks are better
it’s like to just start one zero two on the right you got this cracking destroy
we pretty good attack from Kraken he’s trying not to go close because if we go
closer Excalibur he could just burst through in a nation with this board one
one two one there it all right come on Excalibur I kinda want you to win is
your cooler only create cracking with the sword it’s
2 1 3 2 1 the rift alright now we’re going into an attack
battle and he got one good to drag it out with his stalwarts drag attacks are
really bad his main attach that are good or like
straight and in toxic cuz everytime she does good scowler it’s not I went to control when my favorite has no beyblade spectator all right now the final
we’ve been waiting for both spent three Buster roses for New Year’s who’s gonna
run the risk all right come on Excalibur oh really my punch from Excalibur
remember Excalibur there’s a lot of stamina buddy bears out power one zero
alright come on Buster I want you to win you have to get one more good attack
then you’re gonna meet more attacks no one this is the true good attack pay the
best one wave everything life’s covered why it doesn’t have the stamina 1 1 3 2
1 the rich Excalibur beat him I wanna see a burst why is so good but this makes really
good thank you guys so much for coming back to blossom this was such an
inspiring video these two I recommend you should buy
thank you guys come back to our self-described he’s like in bye guys
have fun

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