Brittney Lightfoot – IU South Bend Softball Coach

I think what most attracted me to the IU
South Bend position was an opportunity to start something brand new. I’m very,
very excited to create a team that I can call my own and recruit players who are
just as passionate about the game as I am. I love the game of softball. I think being a student athlete is the
greatest thing ever. You learn time management you learn how to make
friendships you learn to grow with one another and you get to create so many
memories. I think the biggest thing I’m looking
for are hard-nosed individuals who work, they just work hard, they love the game,
they have a passion for the game, but they’ve got to put in the time, they’ve
got to put in the effort, and they’ve got to be willing to make some changes and
just do it because they love the team and they love the game. South Bend is a great place to recruit
from. I think that there’s a lot of raw talent around here and just a lot of
great players in the area and so I, I think I’m in a really good position
right now to recruit around this area. I would say my strengths as a coach is…
being invested in my players You know, I know that as a
student-athlete you come to a college sometimes to play the game that you love
and win ball games and that’s a lot of fun, but I think I’m more interested in
who they are as people and where they’re going to be in four years. I hope that people
come out and watch us play. I really do, I know that we’re a first year
program and they might not think too much of it but I i really hope that they
come out and support us like we are going to support them.

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