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BYU vs Toledo Full Game Recap

BYU vs Toledo Full Game Recap

yardage situations. Dave: Let’s get into highlights. In the event you didn’t download the game and you are wondering what in the world. Payton wilgar with the interception. Second of the season. It led to a punt. Blaine: That was BYU’s issue today. You could be plus in turnover margin, but if you don’t get plus points out of turnovers, they only got seven points off of three turnovers. That killed them. Dave: No score at the end of the first. It is almost like everyone thought the game started in the second. Evan Davis with the field goal. 3-0. BYU drives, Jake Oldroyd, 39-yard field goal. He miss. David: BYU shot themselves in the foot. It puts them into a tough situation. Dave: Aleva hifo, this is his first legitimate punt return of the year. BYU averaging 0.0, 168th in country, hifo goes 45 yards and takes the cougars down into scoring range. Emmanuel esukpa going to follow it up. 32 yards. Running with some purpose. Blaine: It was great to have a short field to work with for BYU. A couple of plays later, a play for esukpa. Everyone had a hat on the hat, they are good when that happens. Dave: Cougars marches down the field. Oldroyd misses a 42-yard field goal. 7-3 halftime. BYU gets the ball to start the fourth quarter and here they come. From the 25 yard line. Wilson puts it up for hifo. We saw this a moment ago. We will see it a lot Tuesday night on “After further review.” 75 yards, 14-3. David: Now the route begins. 14-3, early in this second half, within 20 seconds of this second half. BYU scored seven more points throughout the rest of the entire second half. Dave: Longest play since your brother-in-law taysom hill hit tenneman. Fourth and three. Seymour, 18 yards. It seems like there were all kinds of these plays. David: You don’t get picked if you are in the right position. If you line up and you lined up to be successful, extend your lineup. Blaine: He was playing too far inside. They could make the pick look like a regular route. Dave: Cougars cover the botched punt. This will bring this offense to life. Wilson to hifo, in for the touchdown and BYU is back in business. And they are back in the lead. Blaine: Think about it, two of the scores short fields. One after the big punt return and one after the turnover. BYU did not have a long drive, a sustained drive. Dave: Bryant Koback ties the game at 21-21. And then this play here this is a first down. Chaz ah you lifts the ball away and suddenly the tide has turned and BYU with the ball. David: After this turnover it is weird. Once the offense took the field, I looked at Blaine and said, I don’t know how I feel about this. You look at that from the back angle, it just wasn’t there. And we’re not sure where he is going with this ba. Four guys within the frame. Blaine: In some way there was a miscommunication. Hifo stopped on his route. He was trying to decide if he was going to stop up. The coverage was good. Zach Wilson threw as if he was going to continue on. Wilson got hurt trying to get involved in the tackle. Dave: Seymour gave them a nice spark. Runs in the touchdown. Blaine: They stood up and let him go in. Dave: Jaren hall, last play of the game. It is out of bounds. BYU is out of time and out of luck. 28-21. And there is Zach Wilson. Don’t know the extent of that thumb, but we just heard coach stake live on the post game show saying he was going to be out for south Florida, which if you are a coach and immediately in two weeks your quarterback is going to be out, this might be a


Here come the IMMEDIATE calls for Kalani's job, all the other coache's jobs, demands for the Brethren to give BYu-p more money … demands for ABOLISHING the Honor Code, and Que-Grrrrrrrrs were even calling for Wilson to be benched BEFORE he got injured … what a bunch of SCUM. Why do you scumbags think you're going to get good players to come to BYu-p!?! You'll just boo them. You'll just DEMAND that JESUS CHRIST give a stupid football team more money. You'll DEMAND that all of your coaches are fired if they ever disappoint you in ANY way … and you think JESUS CHRIST owes you more money!?! To support a team made of tatted-up, nutt punching, girlfriend abusing, weed-Frisbee throwing ASSHOLES!?! Just like their fans? … ASSHOLES!?!

You EVIL scum are a mark on the face of my "Church". If the Brethren are smart, they'll sell the University and be done with it … YOU people have NOTHING, at all, to do with Jesus Christ.

Hmmmmm beating Tennessee and USC then losing to Toledo? Yep. That's on the coaches, all right. I won't jump into the "Fire Sitake" wagon just yet, but I'm not very sympathetic for him either because this stuff has been happening for a while. We beat good teams, then we lose to mediocre ones.
People will blame Zach for that INT, yes while it was costly, he hasn't been doing that bad this year considering he's still fairly inexperienced. It's our fault as fans for overhyping him. Those dumb throws he's made this year, he made last year. He's still young. I didn't expect him to be amazing, but he's doing OK so far. Hope he isn't out for too long, because he is our best QB, no matter what people say.

I don’t see BYU finishing Better than 6-6 now. Could be 5-7. I think they’ll bounce back vs USF. In actuality it’s must WIN!! They will lose to the 3 MWC teams they play (Boise ST. USU and SDSU) all 3 are very superior to the Cougars with or without Zack Wilson. They should handle Liberty UMass and Idaho St. with or without Zack Wilson. Yep. 6-6 if they win the all important game next week!

Look at how the narrative has switched within a week with the BYU fans. Suddenly they've awakened and realize that they're not going anywhere this year.

I was hoping this wasn’t going to happen, and honestly when they bucked up and somehow pulled out a win vs USC and Tennessee they looked descent… But this is becoming a habit, it’s time for a new head coach! Can we have Bronco back?!!!

It's like NIU taught you BYU fans nothing last year. or East Carolina/Umass in 2018. BYU is a joke of a program and nowhere near what it was decades ago.

Utah fan here. I was hoping BYU would have a better year since Utah has already beaten them so I was pulling for them. I really think BYU needs to get into a conference. Even if it’s not a Power 5. The longer they stay independent, the less likely that will become.

BYU needs to get into a conference and soon! Keep playing the arrogance card and it just keeps getting worse. The "inspired" leadership of BYU should admit their mistake and give us fans something to look forward to in November!

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