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Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

I’m in! I’m floating in shade balls! This feels incredible because like I can hardly tell there’s water under me. It feels like just being in a ball pit. But it’s kind of like quicksand Oh no! Uh oh! I feel like this is the Internet’s fault
because I made this video about the shade balls on LA reservoir and a lot of
people asked: can you swim in shade balls? and I’m like it’s a drinking reservoir,
obviously you can’t swim in the drinking water but then I thought you know what
we know the people who actually made these shade balls and so I could call
them up and order them and sure enough I’ve purchased 10,000 shade balls to try
to swim in. Now there is a scientific and safe way to test this which would be to
go in the shallow end but I’m gonna do the YouTube way which is to jump in the
deep end and just see if I can swim In 3… 2… 1… it was probably right about now that I
thought back to my conversation with the Shay ball manufacturer you don’t
recommend swimming and shake balls so do you think it’s a bit dangerous maybe so
dangerous in fact that he regularly refuses requests from residential
customers they didn’t even want to sell me shade balls I appreciate you making
an exception for our Channel and for science and we will not promote this as
a thing that people should do we will show people what it what happens and
therefore that they should probably not do it
what makes shade balls inherently more dangerous than other plastic balls is
that they’re half-full of water so they’re heavy
this bag of 1,200 shaped balls weighs 300 kilograms or 660 pounds so when I
ordered 10,000 of these things I didn’t really think about how hard it would be
to get them home and now we have them all in the back of u-haul
now the only challenge get in the mouth after driving the largest vehicle I’ve
ever attempted across LA I hired a moving company it’s time to release the balls kind of surprised 6,000 shape balls
doesn’t quite cover the whole pool but it’s it’s just about there and you can
see already the balls have sort of arranged themselves in crystal
structures for their clothes packed and then there’s some boundaries between
these grains we’ve basically got a single layer of balls on the whole pool
I’m gonna jump in and try to swim with them we’ll see how that works and if I
can do that then we have 3,600 more and we can put on top which brings us back
to what I’m swimming so this is breast rate
and on I can swim but I am getting a lot of
balls into the face a few observations for objects whose purpose is to block
out sunlight a surprising amount still gets through that’s because even packed
as tightly as possible Spears only cover about 91% of the water surface light
coming through the cracks and reflecting off the balls makes these really
interesting patterns on the bottom of the pool when swimming through shaped
balls the other thing that hits you is the noise they make so much noise so
close to your head that it’s virtually impossible to hear anything else I feel
like you’re getting an extra workout frankly I’m gonna try a different swim
stroke I’m gonna go over to front crawl or freestyle ah I feel like I got like a bloody lip I feel like I’m getting knocked around
like in a rock tumbler swimming in shape balls made me reflect on drag the force
that opposes motion when moving through a fluid drag is typically proportional
to your velocity squared why is that well let’s imagine these shaped balls as
particles of their own fluid and the faster you go the more of them you
encounter per second but also the faster they’re moving relative to you and hence
the impact they have on you as you push them out of the way so that’s why drag
is proportional to V squared because you run into more of them and they’re moving
faster relative to you so they have a greater impact swimming is a good
workout swimming you shade balls next level next level so I’m not actually the
best swimmer so I brought over some friends Christian and Jorden butterfly
is even more challenging because not only do you have to push the balls
forward they also get pushed down and up and out however that’s insane it looks hard you
can hit your face with your shoulders so with it clear that you can swim albeit
with difficulty in a single layer of shaved balls it was time to test if you
can swim in multi layer shade balls this is in fact how most of la reservoir
is covered it looks as though you could like float
on the top so I’m gonna see if I can like run across these shape balls it’s
gonna end poorly I’m sure three two one similar attempts to slide across the
surface of the shade balls were also doomed to failure each ball is almost half full of water
so when fully submerged it only supports around 300 grams that means to support
my body entirely above the water I’d need more than 260 shade balls trapped
under mine this is amazing I’m still I’m still but what about the central
question can you swim in multiple layers of shade I don’t think you can swim until I found
the kind of unorthodox style swimming mostly beneath the shade balls just like
the guy in the boat said you just don’t move I was swimming I don’t say good and
I just couldn’t like go anywhere but don’t just take my word for it
watch Jordan try butterfly amazing
unlike in the single layer where the balls could easily move past each other
with multiple layers the balls kind of get trapped against each other and act
more like a solid providing significantly more resistance so I
wanted to see if I could use this to my advantage to lower myself
gently down with the hose hit and see if I can float on top of all these v-shaped
balls all right I’m floating in shape oh this feels incredible because like I can
hardly tell there’s water under me it feels like just being in a ball pit that is exactly like quicksand oh my
goodness if you don’t move you’re good on the surface but then if
you start moving around all the balls get enough energy to sort of shift and
then you start sinking down deeper and deeper and deeper now after all this the
one question I’m left with is what do you do with 10,000 shade balls well I’ve
decided that I am going to sign each one and mail it out to a patreon supporter
so if you want to receive one of these balls signed by me go and sign up to be
a patreon supporter now I my plan is to send these out to basically every
patreon supporter I have everywhere in the world I’ll put more details in the
description below obviously the shipping costs are going
to be horrendous but it is your support on patreon that allows me to do things
like this so this is my way of saying thank you


wow. complete disregard for human health. the introduction of plastic into their drinking water , the disregard for the loss of wildlife and the introduction of more plastic on the planet. Could they not treat the water between the reservoir and the houses?

Hello this was a great video. I'm new to YouTube. I'm from Baltimore MD where there is so much violence. In my city people are fatally shot everyday. My dream is to make it on YouTube so I can remove my family from this city. I'm not trying to beg for subscriptions but if you guys can find it in your hearts to Subscribe to our Channel please Subscribe. Thank you with all of my ❤️ heart.

the ammount of money these guys create nowadays is beyond believe….definately will have to quit my job and start with youtube…

what if they had same density as water, so the pool would be filled from bottom to top of those balls with water in between each ball?

instead of sending the shade balls to subscribers on patreon, although a kind gesture, wouldn’t it be better if you’d donate them to Water Reservoirs that need them and actually put use to them? Just a suggestion 😊

I really want to swim in a ball pit or water💜❤🧡💛💚💙💗💖💕💓❤❤❤❤❤❤love and subscribe👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

I wish i was Your daughter because I have been in a ball pit but I have never been in a swimming pool with 10,000 sade balls before

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