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Hello! In this video I would like to show how I took
a broken project and turned it into this Slam Dunk walking stick. I had intended to make another rattlesnake
cane out of this piece of wood. But as I carved what would be the handle of
the cane I noticed a defect running right through the middle of it. Now I’m not one to give up easily and I sure
don’t want to waste the rest of this material. Theres still some good grain direction in
this piece. With the curvature of the grain of the top
of the stick I have the ability to carve something I’ve had on my order list for a long time. I’ll first have to see If I can carve something
round enough to look like a basketball. Next I got to see if I can carve the hand
that is palming the ball. This stick is going to have more of a caricature
and less realistic looking. I’ll need to leave the wrist area thicker
for strength. Locating where to begin the head is the real
tricky part. This stage is making me nervous. So I’m just going to take my time and try
not to make any mistakes. I made a little clay mock-up of the nose and
mouth area to help me get the shapes right when I’m carving them in the wood. This piece is going to be a bit bulky for
practical use. It will be more for display purposes. The shape is coming along pretty good now. I think it’s going to turn out after all. The painting process starts out with a couple of coats of gesso primer. This turned out to be a real fun project for
me. It gave me a lot of challenges, but I really
enjoyed the process of it. Thanks for Watching! I’ll see you on the next one!


Hello Mike !!! Your friend from Arkansas here. sorry I've missed you lately I've been visiting Family in Ireland !!!!! Beautiful place !! Anyway your vision in your work is so great !! I really like that in you !!!! Give Pearl a big Hug ! Till next time see ya Buddy 🐕

Здравствуйте Дядя Майк давно вам не писал))) Мой отец передает вам привет, я показал ему ваше видео и ему понравилась ваше зимнее время… Это не наши -50 Кстати сколько у вас градусов зимой? Мой отец передает вам привет и желает вам здоровья!

Quite a change, and I really like how the fracture in the wood forced a change of plans. I'm in awe of how well this turned out! I know it took lots of hours of work, and I'm impressed that you stepped out of your normal sphere to carve this basketball player — great job, Mike! Be sure to give Pearl a hug from me! 🙂

I love the way you present your vids Mike, softly spoken,nice music and Pearl,you are a true craftsman. All the very best to you from Australia……

Smart using the rubber band to create the lines. Learned a new trick from the master…amazing work as usual.

oh my god that looks so awesome I really like watching your videos they're so relaxing but you probably hear that a lot

I really can't even express with words how amazing your work is I never and I mean NEVER imagined anything like this could be done you are a legend

I would like to see one where you make a bat the subject or topper of a staff or walking stick.

Absolutely astonishing!! I was holding my breath for the most part whilst you were painting the details 😀 Incredible work Mike.

Verry Nice Job
To Many Details' You Are One Of The Best Artist On The World'
No A Chinesse Machine
Just A Big Human! Congrats

Another excellent job Mike. You and your talents make it look so easy. Everything I have seen you carve and burn looks so realistic that people would think it's real. Your work I just can't stop watching it when I get started. God Bless you and all of your family, even Pearl. You act like you love her as much as I love my Chihuahuas. Pearl is a cute and lovable acting dog. Keep up the excellent work Mike. Mike Brady

As a metal/'re videos give me so much inspiration..the attention to detail..craftsmanship, and most importantly the joy and relaxation you get from what you do. It is exactly why I do what I do. Keep up the amazing work! Wow.

If that's a caricature then I'm a monkey's uncle!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!! I love your videos, your work and your lifestyle so much 🙂

"Not gonna be able to be too realistic, gonna be more like a caricature" continues to make a super realistic sculpture of a basketball player

Such wonderful work, Mike! It was especially cool to see you dusting off an airbrush as I've used airbrushes for years and find them to be a great addition to my arsenal of tools. Thanks again for sharing.

I must admit watching you go about your business of carving is very therapeutic to watch, it relaxes me, and I am able to lose the stresses and strains of the day through your incredible videos, thank you for sharing your incredible talent. Have you ever considered creating a carving of pearl?

Just to say, I fall asleep watching these videos almost every night. Your voice is just really really calming. Also you're an awesome artist! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Carving me gustó mucho este jugador de básquet bool cada vez te admiro más tu abilidad excelente detallado te admiro carving tu trabajo

You have Mountain Man to inspire you to create your master pieces, you have inspired me to carve a cane for myself. I started it a few years ago and my Grandson saw it after watch your video and suggested I finish it. I don't have the tools you have but I am carving all by chisel and hobby knifes.

any time your new video , u are amazing , I don't think u born in this earth , u are come from some where in galaxy

Hi Mr.Stinnet, you sure do like craving snakes. I hate snakes 😠. But, your craving are wonderful. How long have you been doing this type of cravings? I would like to know you have that on your "About" on your site? how long does it take you to make piece? You art work gorgeous to look at too.
Thank you,, for vidoes and channel. I sure do learn alot by watching you.

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