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CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent’s softball team: A powerhouse both on the pitch and off the pitch

CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent’s softball team: A powerhouse both on the pitch and off the pitch

The competition is fierce in the second round
of the softball tournament where the results are usually close and hard-fought.
Every year we set for the team to be in the second round to try to be the top 8 schools.
Even if they lose, as long as they played their best and they lost to a better school,
so be it. Because threats and challenges is their self belief, whether they are ready
for the game, so basically it’s their mental strength which is their biggest challenge.
Past two years, the biggest achievement is really our national championship. For “C”
and then this year for “B” division. Celine believes that her team’s successes
are beyond training and hard work but also being able to speak to the players’ hearts
and minds during games. The unique approach is that we have a strategy
that we don’t blame them for making mistakes. So the key words we use is refresh and get
it back for the team. So maybe instead of making another mistake, they make a good hit
and say this is for the team. The tournament is actually clashing with our
continual assessment, so we made arrangements to shift their assessment to another day.
Teachers are available outside curriculum hours to do one-on-one consultation with them.
After our tournament is over the training schedule is changed. They only need to come
for a few sessions so this gives them the time for them to revise and catch up on all
the lessons that they missed. Expectations are high for the St. Theresa’s
softball team. No doubt, the right ingredients of support
on field and off field will help the team perform in this year’s championship.
I feel extremely happy that they won this year’s championship. They put in a lot of
work and they deserved to win because they never say that they couldn’t do it and they
believe in themselves and that’s the most important thing.

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