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you know what is going on guys it is
your boy Yogge here welcome back to a brand new call of duty modern warfare
video so guys today we’re gonna be talking about the maps and call of duty
modern warfare obviously if you guys don’t know yesterday the gaming
revolution tweeted that there is gonna be basically ten normal multiplayer maps
seven gunfire Maps and I believe three ground
war maps now the ten normal maps are a variety of 23 2010 v10 and normal 6v6 so
obviously you can see where the problem is in this situation because if you want
to play 6v6 how are you gonna play the 66 on a 10 V 10 or 20 v20 map is just
not gonna work out it’s not gonna work right it’ll just end up being like
Stonehaven if you got a number that from call duty goes really really slow paced
cuz the map is so big again this is a rumor but most of these guys leaves the
game revolutions leaks are true so I’m believing this as it’s the truth but
there might be some maps added in on launch today maybe some remakes maybe or
something like that a matter of fact three hours ago the game revolution
tweeted or responded actually to a tweet the tweet was will there be a small
chaotic 6v6 map like shipment strikes on a new town will there be a 24/7 6v6
playlist with this map only like 24/7 strike zone or shipment was it would be
amazing to always have this option or to play if you wanted now the gaming
revolution tweeted that shipment risk terminal and a new version of wet work
which would be set inside a ship instead of on the outside kind of like the crew
expendable mission you guys know that from cod4 and then he said and more
classics come and after launch now this got me thinking are these maps gonna
come at launch or close to launch cuz why would he say more classics after
launch also he did say that a what’s a call Shimon would be a a gunfight map so
for those of you that wanted it to be an affine map there you go but of me I
don’t know if he didn’t word this tweet the right way or something like that but
it sounds like these are the maps coming to us close to the launch of the game
maybe a week after a couple weeks after it wouldn’t make sense just to you know
boost the map count for this game would make a lot of sense so yeah we know
Russia terminal back for sure shimmer coming back
obviously we had that back in World War two I believe as well remastered so you
know I’m alright with that I’ll come back and a new version of my work which
I’m excited to see and again these I’m guessing these are gonna be close to
launch or day 1 launch maps I’m not sure again most of the gaming revolutions
tweets are like progress of sorts you know because the game is always changing
so they could have you know had these maps on the side and not you know
implemented into the files or whatever yet you know you never really know but
the hope is that these maps will be in the game at launch so that will boost
the count of the normal multiplayer maps to 14 and then that will make that that
would make the total map count and call of duty modern warfare would be 24 so
yeah 24 maps on launch would be very very good again we never know what’s
gonna happen again they might just add these in out of nowhere on day one you
know what the update or something but anyways going back to my main point like
I was saying the maps in this game the 10 multiplayer maps the problem is is
that some of them are way too big like I said like Stonehaven back and ghost what
I think they’re gonna do this is the most obvious thing and it’s the thing
that everybody expects them to do is that they would cut off a section on the
map for example Aniyah palace or whatever they give him revolution that
that map is coming back and that map was big even for 20 be 20 so 66 obviously
they’re gonna have to you know cut some part of the map out there’s no way 66 is
gonna run well on that map so I’m guessing what they’re gonna do is if you
guys don’t remember just like black ops 1 I remember I believe it was uh if you
went at a party game Oh sticks and stones gun game one of the chamber I
think it was called the we had a pistol with one bullet for that game-mode a lot
of the maps were cut off and made into a really really small map I remember that
very very vividly so I want to be surprised if they did do this for the
bigger maps on 6v6 they should do this if they don’t do this I’ll be really
surprised but ever does you guys worrying about it hopefully this is what
happens I don’t know it might not happen and in my end up being a really bad
thing but hopefully they do you know fix the maps according to the player account
and hopefully these maps that the gaming revolution talked about are added in at
launch and yeah that would make the game feel a lot
lot better at least for me personally tennis is not enough I think one or two
had nine and I got really really tired of it but then again they weren’t you
know they weren’t add it in maps as frequently you know I think they didn’t
even didn’t even had anything interesting in until the next year so
yeah yeah tell me the comments down below what you guys think about these
maps what maps do you guys want to see returned from on warfare 2 mana warfare
3 or any other Call of Duty I’m guessing only the amount of warfare series
because it’s just video were talking about I personally want to see
resistance come back I know it came back in World War 2 but I wanted to come back
in the Infinity Ward game and also guys tell me what you guys think about the
big maps on 6v6 do you guys think they’re gonna fix it or do you guys
think it’s just gonna be a huge mess tell me what you guys think about this
in the comments down below anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video guys do make
sure they would like to say my chest

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