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Cone Over Plate Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Cone Over Plate Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Cone Over Plate Drill [Intro Drill]>>Jessica Vogel: The cone over plate drill
is a great way to help pitchers visualize how and where the ball should break across
the plate. Start by setting up a cone on top of the plate,
if you don’t have a cone, you can use a hitting tee.>>Vogel: The idea is to cover the middle
of the plate so pitchers are forced to break their ball across the corners of the plate
instead.>>Vogel: Ideally this drill can be used for
both your curve and screwball, as well as fastballs on the corners. A perfect pitch will break across the corner
of the plate and end up in the river, or the space between the batters box and the edge
of the plate.>>Vogel: This is a great visual challenge
for pitchers and helps them see exactly where their ball crosses the plate. [Outro Drill]

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