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Core & Knee Strengthening Exercise For Softball with Coach Andrew Sacks

Core & Knee Strengthening Exercise For Softball with Coach Andrew Sacks

What’s up softball players coach Dan
Blewett here and today we’re with coach Andrew Sacks he’s going to teach us
another awesome core exercise that’s going to help not only strengthen your
core but also strengthen your lateral hip muscles which are important for both
your explosiveness on the field and good knee health obviously helping prevent
ACL injuries meniscus injuries all those injuries that are very very common at
female athletes so when you have a stronger lateral hips a stronger core
it’s going to help you we can never guarantee it but it’s gonna give you a
better chance of staying on the field staying healthier having more fun when
you play so stick around we got a great exercise today a very tough one I’ve
done these in the past they’re kind of pretty hard but easy to do at the field
only require body weight and they’re gonna make you a better athlete for sure
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that subscribe button share with a friend and check out the video today so
this is a great exercise for lateral hip strength and stability which is going to
be really important for any athlete that has to move laterally in their sport so
baseball softball even soccer lacrosse football basketball pretty much any
sport that requires side to side movement the key with this is to make
sure you’re maintaining a good body angle so you don’t want to be like bent
over you want to think about trying to make yourself as tall as you can as
you’re laying on your side I’ll show you what I mean
so you’re gonna get down into a side plank position go get on the ground
together to start set your elbow in a position where you have your ankles and
knees hips and shoulders all in a straight line then what you’ll do is put
your hand right here under your rib cage you can kind of monitor if your rib cage
starts to flare up and you can make an adjustment to kind of lock it down so
you’re gonna lift yourself up into the side plank position I’m in a good
straight line then what I’m going to do is I’m gonna raise up my top leg about
two there and you can do one of two things you can either hold it there for
maybe about ten seconds to work on just stability or you can kind of bring it up
and down so each one of those kind of has its own
pluses and minuses the movement up and down is going to be a little bit easier
for people who are just starting off to raise up and hold it there for a long
period of time we require a little bit more strength and stability so I
recommend starting with the up and down motion first for about six to eight reps
and then progress to doing the actual hold for maybe twenty to thirty seconds
at a time you

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