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Crossover Drill | Softball Hitting Drills

Crossover Drill | Softball Hitting Drills

Softball Hitting Drills: Crossover Drill [Intro Music]>>CJ Browder: A common misunderstanding within
the swing is where the load and separation happen. The athlete should strive to load their energy
into their rear hip and glute with a slight closing in the hips.>>Browder: To help practice this sequence,
we like to use a drill called the crossover drill. During a crossover drill, the athlete will
begin in their normal setup off of the tee. The athlete will then cross their lead leg
over their rear leg and load their weight and energy into their rear hip and glute.>>Browder: The hips will then be close to
the plate at this point. When making their initial move forward, the
athlete will keep their hips closed until the lead foot strike. After the lead foot strike, the athlete should
begin to open the hips while keeping the shoulders close to the plate.>>Browder: This will create a stretch in
the core and separation between the lower half and upper half of the body and forcing
a sequential movement to transfer the energy to the barrel at contact. Not only will this work on load and separation
during the swing, it will also work on timing when you progress from the crossover tees
to crossover front toss. [Outro Music]

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