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CS:GO Neckshot Hitreg

CS:GO Neckshot Hitreg

In CS:GO, headshots from behind sometimes
only counted as body-shots. For years, people complained. Solutions were suggested. I like
the imagination behind these from 2013. And now, finally! Just 5 years later, Valve
have rolled out a beta update to address the issue. It’s not quite as ambitious as spinal
cords or blood loss, but it still improves the issue.
I compared the hitboxes before and after this beta update. Turns out that humans annoyingly
move, wibble, wobble and breathe and stuff, but we’ll just have to accept slight variances
for that. Also, ignore the blood stains, not sure how they got there.
The update notes talk about some new hitbox type for necks, but my comparisons actually
showed one LESS hitbox. There used to be some weird cube thing as well which has since been
removed- from an update page it looks as though this used to be the only neck hitbox, so I’m
not sure what’s going on there. But whatever: that bit isn’t important.
What is, is that, although the neck hitbox hasn’t changed, the way in which it works,
has! There was already a neck hitbox, but bullets
that hit this first only counted as a body shot, even if they then passed through the
head just after. With this beta update, the bullet now hits
this neck hitbox and goes HMM I’m somewhere between the head and the body! WHERE SHOULD
I GO. If it hits the head hitbox first, it’s a headshot. If it hits the body first, it’s
a body shot no matter what. In practice, this update results in the difference
between THIS… and THIS. AND AGAIN.
But it does depend on where you’re shooting. The body noticeably slopes down to the right,
so if you target the right-side then you can score a headshot lower than on the left.
Now, I would say to aim toward the lower right of the head to maximise your chances. But
actually you should still be aiming at the centre of the head.
What if the bullet goes through the neck hitbox and nothing else? …This registers as a body
shot. This update won’t affect shots from the
side or front or whatever. The only time things are changed are when bullets hit the neck
before the other parts of the body. If the bullet hits the head before the neck,
then it’s a headshot even if the bullet then later passes through the body.
And lastly, if the bullet goes through the neck, body and then the head in this order,
this counts as a body shot. The community had a valid problem and Valve
have finally responded with an improvement. Don’t change the way you play, just know
that this new update will register more headshots than it used to. And knowing your luck, it
will probably work against you. To Valve’s credit, this isn’t the first
time they’ve fixed the hitboxes. You can see here how bad things used to be, years
ago. And here they are after the big hitbox update where they replaced cuboids with spheroids.
And here’s 2kliksphilip being all gay and stuff.


idk y valve care so less about cs . this game have so many bugs nd glich . OP weapons . cheater . sad

wouldn’t it be as simple as applying the highest damage multiplier of all the hitboxes the shot passes through? it seems like valve used a more complex solution than they needed

ahhahaha 2011 game gets a update for gamebreaking flaw in 2018

csgo has a 1000 page list of shitty problems, starting with 64 tick all the way to server side, client-advantage hitreg which awards shitty ping players with invincibility and peek advantage.

I'll just go play Bad Company 2

Even then shooting someone in the neck would kill them, either the bullet would hit your spine, or it would hit the blood vessels in your neck.

Well shit if we're going realistic then let's make everyone drop and moan after one shot anywhere. Two and the player starts praying to Jesus (or equivalent).

This issue came out as a fix now, bcuz John McDonald answered many of their fans' questions almost everyday. He said he wanna take a look at the problems we were reporting. That means the neckshot topic was included.

I had serious problems hitting headshots from behind and adressed to this problem so often in my streams. Now I've got no probs anymore, gg

FINALLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY , I AM SO ANNOYED BY THAT. Especially with the deagle. I am aiming exactly at his head but no…. 41 in 1 ffs…. Now Volvo fix the CT models of the ISDF and this game is perfect for me.

Omg publishing video about shooting when school shooting happened omg YouTube support pls ban 3klisk

Ps just kidding

Best fix ever! I hate when you sneek up behind someone and take careful aim at their head and then still "miss" by landing a body shot.

One hitbox was indeed removed in the neck area

I think I just found a glitch in cs go. If u crouch while passing through decoy grenade and stop on top of it, release ctrl key and try to move away from it, u become slower like u r crouching…

Can they please stop beating this dead horse and get on to HL3 and CSGO:2. I honestly don't care for CSGO any more, but I do love you 3kliksphilip.

– Added a new hitbox type for necks and applied it to the existing neck hitbox on character models. Bullets that penetrate the neck into the head will now count as headshots. This should make it more intuitive to tell when an attack from behind will result in a headshot. lmao

This is incredibly gamechanging. I hope Valve will patch it out soon before many people find this video and abuse the bugs.

In games aiming directly on their forehead the bullet hits their neck or their hat and while awping i leg them in the chest when they randomly jump

God damn, i miss insertion! Not the best map in the world, but i likes to take a brake from the cramped cities to the open swedish map.

To me it is super satisfying to see these minor things getting fixed. Only games this popular ever get such attention to detail.

Finally I can't keep track of how many times I've shot people from behind in the neck-head area and it was a bodyshot.

this update will work amazingly for me. because of my bad aim i usually aim for the neck when shooting from behind so i either hit a head shot or a body shot, instead of aiming for the head and either hitting a head shot or missing. before this patch i would frequently notice that i would be hitting body shots when i would be expecting to be hitting the head.

honestly this patch probably benefits me much more then it benefits the average player.

3kliksphilip In your newest video, with comments disable, you showed a clip of Half Life, but it was too zoomed. This is an issue with GoldSrc on all 16:9 resolutions as FoV is simulated. To fix, use default_fov 110 in the console.

Spheroids is technically correct, but one could also call them capsules (which is less technically correct in this situation since they ARE stretched spheres and not double spheres linked by a cylinder).

It is still not good enough. Why not makes the neck hitbox share the same damage modifier as a head hitbox does.

Hey i found a bug its nothing mayor but if you shoot your gun as you die the next person you spectate's gun will be smoking. Valve pls fix.

THANK YOU!! I've been raging for so long when "I swear that was a hs" to check that I gave him -27 in 1 with the AK.

What about front neckshots? It a true nightmare, I'd call it "chinshot" to be accurate: Blood shows a hit on the chin of the player but it registers a bodyshot. Very frustrating.

the gay comment at the end is not homophobic at all lol. he didn't use gay negatively in any way. if you watch the video where 2kliksphilip is being "gay and stuff" you will get it.

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