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Delphi charity softball game

Delphi charity softball game

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Guess what! Got my chores done early and drove up to Battlefield and bought$ shirts, ribbons, braclets & a coke. Then stopped in Delpi (Dutton's Office Tavern) to get something to eat. They did not serve food until 5 PM. Bought a coke & talked to the Nicest woman in Delphi. Said she knew Anna, so I gave her a $20 to give to her towards a baseball field.
I drove to see the over grown folige around the cemetery and eat potted meat, potato chips, 2 reese cups. Then I met the Meanest Woman in Delphi! She called 911 to say I was "Driving around in the woods.??" smh. A Delpi policeman and Deputy Jay Schimmel rushed out to check me out. Let me contine my freedom because I did nothing wrong.
Don't know much about the "Meanest Woman" except:
(1) Her name and address
(2) Licence plate number 8##**I
(3) Gray Honda Accord
(4) A horizonal scratch on left rear bumber
(5) Purchased from HARE (the bunny)
(6) Licence plate cover held on by 2 slighty rusty screws
(7) Cover had BYRACUSP on bottom edge
(8) Indiana symbol with 200 years picture
(9) Expiration date: 2-21-18
(10) Uplifted sides on her sunglasses
(11) Nice ear rings.
(12) Her hair was in a bun
I asked her why she called the police. When she talked, she did not make any sense. Then she drove away.

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