Dog Interrupts Softball Game, Hilarity Ensues

Jr you follow our Western Oregon
University sport right yaa the the tides yeah the tide sure but for this video comes from Western
Oregon University there they obviously that they play some softball there so with the women’s team on and at you know Jr is a yours a hater and over where this is going to care has
no humanity such a great that he’s here to see this
video by let’s enjoy as much of this video is continually possible I don’t
see how anyone in america doesn’t enjoy this except where home i right to lay up to thirty get to go to
first that a dog have a feel alright not something you don’t see
everyday biggest still hyper love now it’s 12 a
lot built at a club that’s really something you don’t see
everyday so later in the video like somebody gets
the glove back but they do it like out of complete fear
0 other style and then what my and the girl in the red away windows or
yeah I’m so so then I soon after the game you know
at all shelters came and took the dog away they
put him down do i mean i i don’t know I know that now is that debt and its Western organ yet
yeah I mean that role play collegiate game here it’s ridiculous hearing it’s okay I
can’t take my dog into the store I’ll have one but I did I couldn’t by
the way in in california premeditated argued that if they were
you watch I no I think the pre-order got that nobody
cared everything was fine they beat I think Saint Francis they were playing I
think it’s actually true I love it and they were either up or 1921 so it
was a successful they are Leicester are gone
they were all playful but it was a lovely daughter dogma to someone’s hand
through the glove that he didn’t even seem really give much we care no I what if one of the players just
came up with the bat Pakistan Fashion Island posing shortstop over the head
until he bled out on the field I could happen to but not if it did you know why to them
your cousin that we don’t know my my source at the newspaper ad West
Jordan told me that know what are the ladies pink a nap okay one from you you may be right at
the time I read that you know ties to me that like yep ok

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