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Do’s and Don’ts of Batting Practice (Part 2) | Baseball Hitting Tips

Do’s and Don’ts of Batting Practice (Part 2) | Baseball Hitting Tips

Hey, what’s up? It’s Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training. Welcome back to part two in this two part
series where we’re talking about the do’s and don’ts of batting practice. Now in the previous video we talked about
the don’ts, the things you want to avoid during BP, but today we’re talking about the do’s,
the things you do want to do, the things you want to focus on in BP in order to maximize
your time and really just become the best hitter you can possibly be, all right? So, I really think you’re going to enjoy today’s
video. If you haven’t seen the previous one, I’ll
be sure to leave a link down in the description so you can watch that one after this one. But without further ado, let’s jump into the
things to focus on, the do’s of batting practice. So let’s start things off with the very first
thing you want to do in BP and that is treat it like a game. So in other words, you have to focus and treat
your batting practice time the exact same way that you’re going to treat your real in
game at bats. Because you’ve probably heard the term before,
you play like your practice, right? And so if you want to play sloppy, if you
want to get in the batter’s box in a real game and be nervous and not be ready to go
and have poor plate discipline and have poor balance and all these types of things, then
practice like that. But on the flip side, obviously you don’t
want those things right? If you want to play well, if you want to be
confident in the batter’s box, if you want to show great plate discipline, if you want
to do that in a real game, then try to do that in practice. So just overall, what you need to always keep
in the back of your mind is how can I make my BP more game-like? Treat it like a game. Stick to the same routines, whatever you have
to do to make it as game-like as possible. But just remember the more game-like that
you make your practice, the easier it will be when you actually get into a real game. So that’s tip number one, everything you do
in BP, treat it like a real game. Moving onto the next thing you want to focus
on. Hit the ball to all fields, all right? So in other words, you never want to get one
dimensional as a hitter, you never want to just strictly be on your pole side of the
field or strictly hit everything to the opposite field. I always talk about it on this channel, the
pitcher is the one who really dictates where you hit the baseball. So if he throws you a pitch over the middle
of the plate, you should stay in the middle of the field. If you misses inside a little bit, well pull
your hands in and hit that ball a little bit more out in front and pull that baseball. And if he throws it away, then hit it to the
opposite field, right? So you should be working on this in batting
practice. You shouldn’t be trying to pull everything
or take everything to the opposite field, hit it where it’s pitch. If it’s inside, pull it. If it’s away, hit it to the opposite field. But when it’s your turn to finally hit, when
the guy in front of you exits the cage, you’re entering the cage, you’re stepping in the
box, it’s your turn to hit, here’s the mentality I want you to have, alright? I want you to hit to all fields, that’s super
important. But when you first step in the cage, the mentality
I want you to have is middle of the field, stay in the middle of the field, think gap
to gap. So, from the left center gap to the right
center gap, that’s pretty much where you want to stay. And why do I say that? Because we just talked about, you hit the
ball where it’s pitched and what your BP pitcher is typically trying to do is they’re trying
to throw it over the plate right? Over the middle of the plate. So if your pitcher is really good at throwing
the ball right over the middle of the plate, there’s no reason on a middle pitch for you
to be pulling it down the line or hitting it down the opposite field lines. So try to avoid the lines. Yes, if he miss in a little bit too much or
misses a way a little bit too much and you still are going to swing at it, yeah it’s
fine to hit it down, one of the lines. But you really want to avoid the extremes
in BP you want to focus on staying in the middle of the field and then adjust accordingly
and really focus on spreading the ball, spraying it all over the yard, right, depending on
what pitch location it is, because we never want to be one dimensional as a hitter. And guys, another thing we just talked about
earlier in the video, you play like you practice. So you obviously want to do, whatever you’re
trying to accomplish in the game, you want to do that in practice. And so that leads me directly into the next
tip for BP. Focus on hitting line drives because that’s
what you want to do in a real game, right? You don’t want to hit ground balls, you don’t
want to hit lazy ground balls, you don’t want to hit lazy fly balls. You want to hit hard scream and line drives
into the gaps. So you can get doubles and triples and home
runs, right? That’s what you want is hard line drives. So focus on it in BP, right? Because the reality is, if you can’t hit a
line drive off of a stationary object like a ball on a tee. If you can’t start with tee work and hit line
drives and then go to soft toss and then go to front toss and then go to batting practice. And if you can’t square up the ball and hit
hard line drives in BP, then how do you realistically expect yourself to do that in a real game
with a real pitcher who’s not just trying to throw the ball right over in the middle
of the plate BP fast balls, but a pitcher who’s actually trying to get you out. How do you expect to hit a hard line drive
off of them? And so in BP I encourage you, I know that
it’s easy to start thinking about hitting home runs in BP and all that good stuff. And if you occasionally hit some balls out
in BP, that’s great. It means you’re hitting the ball hard, right? But don’t just see how high and how far you
can hit it and don’t start getting into a bad habit of hitting lots of fly balls or
if you get in the habit of hitting lots of ground balls, stop yourself and figure out
what you’re doing that’s causing you to do that. Don’t fall into that routine because you really
have to hit line drives in BP in order to transfer that over to the real game. If you don’t do it in BP, how do you expect
yourself to do it in a game? So focus on hitting line drives. Another skill you definitely want to work
on in batting practice, and in my opinion, this is one of the most underrated, underworked
on skills out there. And that is truly watching the ball and keeping
your head down even through contact. Okay? And it’s one of those topics that it’s so
basic, it’s so simple because that’s one of the first things you learn right? Is keep your eye on the ball, right? Keep your eye on the ball, see it and hit
it. It’s one of the first things you learn when
you first start playing this game. And so it’s so common sense and so simple
that players think it’s too simple for them to work on, right? They’d rather talk about, and I get it, they’d
rather talk about the more attractive topics, bat speed and hitting home runs and getting
bigger and faster and stronger and all that kind of stuff. And that stuff is very, very important, but
none of that really matters if you can’t hit the ball on the sweet spot of the bat, right? And a lot of players, it’s funny, they’re
looking to hit the ball harder and further and more consistently and all that kind of
stuff. And a lot of it can come down to are you truly
watching the ball? Are you truly seeing it all the way till the
point of contact? And are you really squaring the ball up on
the sweet spot of your bat? A lot of times the answer is no. And the only way you’re going to improve that
in game situations, right, is if you work on that in batting practice. Okay? So really, I want you to focus on, try your
best to pick the ball up out of the window as early as you possibly can and really just
try your best. It’s a skill you’ve got to constantly practice,
but try your best to see it really well out of the hand and watch the baseball all the
way until you make contact with the ball. And then even after the point of contact,
keep your head down in the hitting zone. You’ll have plenty of time to look up and
see where the baseball goes. But if you focus on watching the ball, you’re
going to be able to see the ball better in real games and you’re going to hit the ball
on the sweet spot more often. And the last few things you really want to
focus on in BP, these are really important, so I wanted to be sure that I cover them in
today’s video. One of them is reset after a bad swing. If you take a bad swing or a bad couple of
swings in a row where you’re hitting rollover ground balls or weak, little flares or weak
fly balls, whatever, take just a second, a split second and you don’t have to step out
of the batter’s box and take 10 seconds to reset yourself. I understand that it’s not very practical
with a team full of guys that all need to get swings in, right? But at least do something to break your rhythm
and break your routine. Otherwise, if you continue to just do the
same thing over and over, you’re going to continue to hit those weak rollover ground
balls. Something has to change and a lot of times
all you really need to do is just take a second to take a breath and reset and kind of wipe
those previous swings clean and get your focus back. So after a bad swing, take a second, reset
yourself after a bad swing, alright? Another thing, work on execution. I understand that in BP you really want to
swing away, you really want to focus on line drives, you really want to hit home runs. I get all that, right? But how do you expect yourself in a real game
situation when your coach, when your team needs you to execute something, when you’re
called upon to lay down a bunt or do a hit and run or hit a sac fly and drive in a run,
when you’re called upon in a real game to do that, how do you expect yourself to do
it if you don’t work on in practice? So work on execution, all right? Most coaches, if you’re a coach out there,
make sure that you do your first round of BP doing execution around with your team. But even if, you players out there, even if
your coach doesn’t require you to work on execution, which they should, but even if
they don’t, take it upon yourself that first round in BP, lay down a bunt down the third
baseline and lay down one on the first baseline and then maybe work on a couple push bunts
and drag bunts and hit and run, move them over. You can do infield in, infield back. You can work on sacrifice flies, but work
on execution because again, there’s no way you’re going to do it in a real game if you
can’t even do it in practice, right? And so work on execution. And then the last thing is work on getting
your front foot down on time. You hear it all the time, get your front foot
down early. I think that cue is not necessarily a great
cue for a lot of hitters because what happens when you get your front foot down early for
a lot of players, they go into their load and their stride and they develop some momentum
and then because they’re told to get their front foot down early, right? They get their front foot down early and they
lose all of that momentum that they just built up. So instead BP is a great time to work on your
timing and specifically work on getting that front foot down, not early but on time. And so what I mean by that is so when you
get that front foot down on time, you can immediately drop your front heel and progress
right through your swing. That’s going to help you really take your
hitting to the next level. It’s going to help you when a real game comes
around. So hopefully you enjoy today’s video. If you did hit the like button, be sure to
subscribe so you never miss the upcoming baseball videos that we’re coming out with on a weekly
basis and be sure your notifications are on. Until next time, see you later.


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I play softball but I just wanted to say thank you for making great videos and giving out good tips for better game play. Ever since I started watching your videos last spring, I have seen improvements in my game play overall. 🙂

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