Dragon Ball FighterZ | Game Review

Okay! It’s time to kamehame-have a good time
in Dragon Ball FighterZ! I wrote that line myself.
Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D side scrolling fighting which is based on the super popular
Dragon Ball Z tv show. GOOSE Now, Rad, I have to admit growing up I’ve
never watched much of the Dragon Ball show! So I’m not too familiar with all these characters
i mean besides them all being ‘very muscular super fighters who like to scream a lot. RAD Well like surely you know Piccolo? Vegeta?
Goku? Gohan? Krillin?! GOOSE Ah yes! that’s what whales eat? RAD Oh boy well, if you ARE familiar with Dragon
Ball, then FighterZ is a feast of your fave characters and locations. Even Kame House
is here! And if you play certain heroes on particular maps you have a chance to trigger
extra hidden cutscenes that reference the tv show. It’s such a treat for fans. GOOSE And luckily, even if your not a huge fan,
this is still a really solid fighting game in its own right! The character movement is
fast and fluid, with stacks of ways to close distance on your opponent and keep the pressure
on. RAD
Goose, I’m so glad they made this a 2D fighter, because those old 3D games where super messy. DARREN Ahh a good bit of franchise history there,
Rad! Dragon Ball games in the past have largely been 3D arena fighters, involving lots of
fighting on both the ground and in the sky. This includes the past two console games:
Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2, which were released in 2015 and 2017 respectively. RAD
What a great morsel of knowledge, Darren! DARREN
You’re welcome! RAD I can definitely say that this game is a pleasant
surprise after Xenoverse. GOOSE Aw I agree. I never warmed to that 3D fighting
style – it just felt way too chaotic. Bringing it back to old school 2D makes the fights
feel precise, powerful, and more focused. And, when the camera breaks out of the 2D
position for a super move, it makes it feel EXTRA super! RAD Plus, it looks so beautiful! The fights and
cutscenes are like a crisp, modern version of the anime, so it really feels like you’re
playing the show. GOOSE
Those cutscenes! If you didn’t have to manually trigger the dialogue, you’d actually think
you were watching the real cartoon. The game’s story mode, has you playing as a disembodied
spirit who’s hitching a ride in Goku’s body. Mysterious waves are causing everyone’s power
levels to drop, while clones are appearing everywhere, and you’ve got to help fight your
way to some answers. It’s all a bit complicated, but it is a lot of fun! RAD I really dug the story mode. It requires a
bit of strategy as you pick which battles to fight, and this adds some variety to the
gameplay. Do you battle these guys before they have a chance to power up, or do you
try and rescue another fighter for your team? It’s also really helpful for learning how
to play, because it includes tutorials. GOOSE
Ah yeah! Now this was such a fun way to learn! You can go into training battles which breaks
things down and teaches you a few moves, which really allows you to hone in on those skills.
Although I do wish they gave you a little bit more time to perfect a move, without the
risk of then dying and having to restart a map. RAD
Yeah especially those guard moves. You can, of course, play against other human players
locally or online GOOSE
You can also unlock characters by doing exceptionally well and i think this is great motivation
to really dial in your skills. RAD Yeah I think FighterZ is a good balance between
being fun for people that just want to jump in and play with friends but also having enough
challenge for those that want to delve deeper. GOOSE Exactally, you can jump in and button mash,
and the game helps link combinations together so you can feel competent. Flurries of punches
and energy attacks get you into the groove of a true super saiyan. RAD But there’s still a lot under the hood if
you wanna get a little more serious. It’ll take quick reactions to defend against your
foe’s attacks! And there’s a range of different attack types and super moves to mix things
up. Once you start to learn all the different movesets it elevates the game into being much
more strategic and, in my opinion, fun! GOOSE Oh i agree! There’s nothing more satisfying
than a well timed move! There are a few areas I think could’ve used a little more polish
– for example, I’m not a fan of the menus or hub world. But overall I was really surprised
by Dragon Ball FighterZ. I had a great time. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 rubber chickens. RAD Yeah, it’s a very impressive game. It’s got
wide appeal but it doesn’t dumb itself down too much, and it’s so beautiful. I’m giving
it 4.5 out of 5 rubber chickens.

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