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Dragon Ball XYZ: Episode 33 (The Grand Dimensional Cell Games Saga – Episode 1)

Dragon Ball XYZ: Episode 33 (The Grand Dimensional Cell Games Saga – Episode 1)

The Grand Dimensional Cell Games Saga I beat the god I reached the “God Level” And can fight the powerful gods And, Goku, show me your full power Fire! Fire! Wow He is strong! He destroyed the bullets You said “The God Level”? But which? How you strong? This is not my real power Hey, Goku. I reached the godly transformation and i will show it How you can show it? I can turn into a god. Show me your true power and i will fight you How? We can’t turn into god I will do it Show me that power now! This is my REAL POWER! I see you’re transforming? You’re a red goddess now How strong are you? This is full power of the God! You will already lose Only over my dead body All guns, prepare to max power! Turbo mode activated Fire! He loses? He is staying I can’t belive You’re still standing afyer attack And now show me your “God” What? He turns blue? Shoukaku-san… Zuikaku-san… Nobody can turn hair into blue color. It’s impossible Yamato turns her hair into red Yamato-san… Yamato! This is my final attack! Cannons and guns at max power! Ka… Me… Ha… Me… Turbo mode at maximum, and now, fire! Ha!!! I will win! Akagi-Sanpai, make this attack stronger R-Right More power I ain’t losin’ This is my full power! Yamato-san… I becoming stronger This is traning before the Grand Tourtament I’m ready I will fight opponents Yes. You can fight Herban? Go to city for my food I like chips I’m going Who is he? Why his hairstyle looks like me? You bastard! I will kill you, ZELL! Galick Gun! Herban! Hi You bastard! Wake up, dude Goku-san? Hi You’re my devil-son I know that my mother is red-haired devil Rozen You’re so weak, little girls, you can’t fight me And now for my justice, where is your attack? Kira Kira Kira-ra! Kira Kira-ra This is impossible! I can’t be killed I can’t be purified by this attack Where is my escape ro… We are finally destroys a member of the Red trinity Wrong. This is my escape route: Take the blood of Joestar He is still alive after our strongest attack? We can’t beat him


what you should do for the Comercial break you should do a custom one where you the characters in the episode in the commercial

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