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Duke Of Adrenaline Snowboarding Mini Movie

Duke Of Adrenaline   Snowboarding Mini Movie

well at first there was an idea about
making a trip to Austrian Alps and look for the best powder to ride but then we
realized we can make the whole movie about our snowboarding adventure and so
we did. Just like that we were recording every single day on two GoPro cameras and
one karma gimbal. Also we borrowed a drone for one day cuz you know we had not enough money let me introduce you the Duke of
adrenaline Our journey started at Budweis train station here we set on the first
train that headed to the Alps From Salzburg we took a ride by a few small
buses and then finally, the paradise our final destination the Absolut Park. And this… this is where the fun begins we were shredding all day and then this happend ”Holy Sh*t! Are you alright?” at this moment I’m just thinking about
some all right and don’t have anything broken because it was a tough and
painful for all so I’ve been bleeding a lot from my both lips so I’ve been just
spitting the blood Also this happen… okay guys so right now we are about 2200 meters above the sea and we trying to get on the top of this mountain which is pretty
steep. We’re going for the best powder so, yeah this is gonna be fun hopefully I’m ready. Droppin’. whoo for me mountains are something more than
just a place. I feel like they’re hight and inner spirit tells the stories about
the past of Earth. I think people should have dreams and
they should follow them as hard as possible, just like we did. That was our
journey our adventure and our idea, but the question is, What’s yours…


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