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East Central football rolls over Moss Point

East Central football rolls over Moss Point

What’s got your feelings
walking away from [INAUDIBLE]?>>Proud of, you know RRO line hopefully
can continue to be our strength. We gave up points but listen to what from
a lack of effort, their quarterback? I hope he’s as good as anybody will play. So credit coach Harmon and his guys
because them rascals can throw and catch. And we’ve obviously got to do
a better job covering defensively. And we’ll work on it. We’ll get better at it.>>I think it’s been a little bit
since [INAUDIBLE] on the scoreboard. Does that say that this
offense is gonna get better? What did you think about the week?>>South Jones two years ago is last time
that happened but hopefully again it’s reflection of all those linemen that
are back this year from last year. And and our fullbacks, man, our fullbacks,
they have to play 1951 football and then rascals get in there and get their
nose dirty every week so credit man, credit dammit coach and coach Wallace. I do a great job with them.>>Same like some of the runs
are running behind the guard or just trying to slide off guard, you seem
like a lot of plays simply working for you what was really working for
you on the ground?>>Man yeah, I mean it was you know,
I guess see gap was saying to be open some of the night and hopefully again it was
reflection of how hard our guys come off the ball but there’s still a ton
of things we can get better at.>>Brynn Steiner, young,
he knows guys clear 100 yards, is that the mission every night?>>You hope you feel
like if that happens and you go into the fourth quarter
with a chance, we knew coming in. They’re good. I know that record does not reflect
who they are and what they’ll do. They’ll make noise in Florida
coach Harvard’s a great coach. And that dang offense can go. This game coming up, ever since you find out y’all
gonna be playing those guys again. What’s it been like,
knowing you gotta play them again?>>It would be like getting
ready to play Alabama. They would be, Coach Lee is the coach
saving of high school football, and their team is Alabama. So we’re gonna have to play phenomenal
in order to give ourselves a chance. They’re the best team in any
classification, and we know that. And we’ll try hard, and see what happens.>>As a family,
is this a game you’ll kind of dread?>>I don’t like it, I mean,
you like competing but it’s different when it’s somebody
you’ve known your whole life. Coach Lee is my father
coordinators my first cousin. So it’s like, you know, at this point, every time you turn around you battle
against somebody you know and love. But, you gotta try hard and
see what happens.>>What’s gotta happen for
y’all to beat Dickie?>>Play near perfect. Yep.

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