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End Game-Make Runs Away From The Ball 4-7

End Game-Make Runs Away From The Ball 4-7

James Oh he’s on the blind side, finish James Yeaaaaahhhhhh! (applause) Right, reds that side, blues that side, don’t worry about a bib yet Ok, Vitesh don’t worry, let Theo do it. Are we ready….Play Dilon That’s it, find that pass Sam. Vitesh is on look Go on then, I’ll take it, i’ll take it Who’s far side for me? we’ve all come across here look Will Let’s see if I can get your laces right this week You’re doing well tonight Will, alright, keep doing that passing…I still want to see you score goals but I want to see you pass to your teammates as well Sam Well done Who’s going that side? Theo That’s it You see, we waited to long… get there Summer Bob where can you score? Summer can you cross it? Jack, good tackle Will, Will, look at all this space look,
guys Jack can we stay over here keep finding sp… there we go That’s it Vitesh, well done Orr great save It’s out again, go on then Mas, look where Jack is Mason Stay in that space Jack. Mason, look where Jack is, Mason Great ball There we go Get it forward Evan Where can you score Vitesh? Good effort, well done OK Switch goalkeeper Go on then Theo, you have a go Spread out for her then, quickly Summer Well done, get it under control James Well done James Bob Get up there Alvar James Keep going Alvar, keep going Yes James, yes James Evan Turn That’s it Mason I can see you thinking now rather then just chasing the ball That’s it Sam, get it up there, get it up there look. Go on Mas Look where Jack is Finish it Vitesh….. Mason well done Keep in that space Mason Spread out guys, spread out Jack, keep in this space look Find that pass…. Yes, there we go Will…. Can you cross it Will? Finish OOh, well done…. unlucky Yes Vitesh…. Finish We’ve nearly done it Can you cross it Sam? Stay wide Bob, stay wide…. That’s it Who’s this side for him to pass to look….. Dilon Come and find some space look….. Put Jack in Will Yes there we go… Finish it Jack Orr what a team goal (applause) Well done (applause) Spread out then reds, spread out. 1 minute left There you go, get it to Bob Alex…yesss Bit risky across goal but…. Can you get it Bob, Can you get it?…. Don’t get sucked to the ball Alvar Don’t tackle your own players Sam Get it out of there bob Alvar Orr Alvar… What a touch Stop it Summer Yes Summer, big one….. Summer Summer can you get it to …..yes….. give it to Bob… I’ll have it now Take it of him Bob, take it off him Can we clear it Bob? We need to get it up the pitch….thats it Turn Alex…. Look where James is Alvar back post…. Cross it James Finish Yes Sam, yes Sam….. Will get up there there we go look Turn… Give it to Will…finish it , oooh Will, can you cross it into the box for someone to score? Cross it, yes, yes…. ooorrrr Will…Excellent Where are we reds…. James Oh he’s on the blindside….. Finish James Yeeaaaaahhhhhh! (applause) Ok….. Hold it there We got it just as we finish as usual (laughs) Well done Jack Alvar well played Bob well done….. Evan well done

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