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Essentials of Hitting—12: Adjusting to off speed pitches | JUGS Sports

Essentials of Hitting—12: Adjusting to off speed pitches | JUGS Sports

The last thing that we have to prepare hitters to do, is to be able to adjust off-speed pitches, and that usually boils down that can we hit a breaking ball, can we hit a changeup, and the problem often is, how many people do we have on our staff that can throw good curveballs? How can we get our hitters the quantity of breaking balls that are required to become proficient at something? How can we get them enough reps? Well Lite-Flite Machines do exactly that with safety balls that you don’t have to worry about getting hit with, you can actually learn how to stay on with your frontside, wait, wait, and actually take a fastball cut at a breaking ball. The only way again to do that is to have quality reps that are safe, these machines do that. So the drill we’ve got set up right now is one machine is throwing hard and in, the other one is throwing soft away so we’re going to have to be able to be quick on the fastball and hold and wait on a breaking ball which is exactly what the key to good hitting is, can I adjust to off-speed, and we can create that in one drill. So let’s take a look—hard in and soft away. Coach if you could stop it right here, the beauty of the drill is this, as soon as you nail hard in, we’re going to go soft away, as soon as you miss soft away, we’re coming again till you can adjust. This is exactly what the game requires, and it gives a chance for a hitter to hit it on the field, but the beauty of this drill is you can use it in an indoor tunnel or in a gymnasium just as easily, because you’re using Lite-Flites and you’re not going to break anything.

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