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FIFA 20 – Wrong Breaks New Ground: Official Launch Trailer | PS4

FIFA 20 – Wrong Breaks New Ground: Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Wrong? What’s wrong with wrong? Is that the wrong place for a pitch? Yeah. Let’s talk about wrong. What the **** you wearing? Is that the wrong kit? ‘Vinicius?
I see you. Everyone’s gonna want then,
trust me. That’s the wrong way to play. All right. Pack it up. Remember when Sancho was wrong to leave? You’re killing it over there, my guy. Oi…AJ? Wrong sport! She’s the wrong influence. Yeah. I think she’s okay with that. Sterling? They say he’s the wrong size… …he runs wrong…
he’s got the wrong tattoo. That’s just noise, man.
Wrong’s working for you. Wrong?
Yeah, because wrong’s the new right. Wrong Breaks New Ground. Yeah. That’s wrong. Available Now


PS tell E.A to finish Career Mode before releasing unfinished games to sell on your platform.

"Its in the game!" NO IT ISN'T EA YOU SCUM!

Yeah, wrong definitely DOES break new ground.

Just like it was wrong for EA to put loot boxes (oh, I'm sorry, surprise mechanics) in Star Wars Battlefront II, and now new ground is about to be broken with various countries looking into banning them.

*Breaks New Surprise Grounds*

———————EA GAMES———————

—————Challenge Everything—————

Yeah fun men cant even play the game downloaded it 4 times ever time is start its up… error (CE-34878-0) about to trow it away ffs.

FIFA fan, but it’s almost the same game every year with updated squads and a few gameplay changes and graphics 🤷‍♂️

Sony when will you make regional prices for Russia??The price is very high, given the earnings of a person in Russia.Because of these prices, we can't afford to buy games.

So there is no gameplay in this trailer… :)) even EA knows that they reskin their game and sale it at a high price and don't want people to figure it out

The amount of likes baffle me…
Also, the Dutch title of this trailer says "Verkeerd Vernieuwt" which means "wrongly renewed/updated" lol! That's exactly what it is.

Don’t buy it guys they are just fooling us every year if we don’t purchase this year then next year they gonna bring the change we will not going to be fool this year don’t buy it 🤬

Break New Ground by Gambling your way with our Casino Surprise Simulator Rated E for Extortion.

We here at EA have a sense of Pride and Accomplishment in our scamming tactics!

A shame that this piece of garbage is in the same category of entertainment as Witcher and RDR. These normie slot-machines are catering to fat neckbeards who only watch soulless sports should NOT be considered "games".

Guys when comes the update? Friday i had one update and Falcao came with the update but sudden after 30min the update has gone? And Falcao also to..

Lol "wrong" sounds like you're aware that your game is a poor football simulator in comparison to *cough cough.
Sure some of the things we see in your game inspire players to try different things in real life, but it's also disgusting to those of us that just play to emulate real football. That's why that other game is widely accepted as the better game.

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