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Free Women’s Golf Tips : Golf Pitching Tips

Free Women’s Golf Tips : Golf Pitching Tips

Hi, I’m PGA member Jay Golden, and on behalf
of ATAP and Expert Village, it’s golf for women. Amy Heinelman. And the pitch shot;
the pitch dance. See the short back and forth without stopping. Look at the rhythm; the
smoothness. It doesn’t look that difficult to do, and she’s feeling it, and now she’s
going to try to copy. Look at that dance. Ok, Amy, now if you’d hit each one of these
balls with that same pitch swing, it’s going to go about thirty or forty yards. Good, do
that again. Very nice, one more time. Beautiful. Now that’s a pitch shot. I mean you just hit
three shots that are very similar. Was that hard to do? No, not at all. You made it easy.
Ok. And it’s just such a natural movement and natural dance. Your instruction made it
very easy. Well it’s the dance of golf. The dance. The dance made it easy. I believe in
the dance of golf. And we’ll be back at Expert Village with more golf for women.


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