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FSU Softball vs Purdue Northwest Highlights 04-03-19

FSU Softball vs Purdue Northwest Highlights 04-03-19

complete-game shutout here today against
Purdue Northwest and how did that feel you look like you put on a pretty strong performance. Yea it felt really really good I had the support of our offense really early out so I was
able to go out there and pitch really loose the entire time with the runs up
there so that was nice what specifically from an execution standpoint did you
feel like you did better than you’ve done in the last few outings you’ve had
I’m just hitting my spots locating pitches making sure to keep the batter’s
off-balance tough stretch of games ahead a lot of
games in very few days when you take a look at what you got coming up how
important is it to put on good quick pitching performances like
you do today yeah it’s really important because you know if you get up in the
hundreds of the of the pitch count you’re gonna feel it later in the week
so it’s nice when you can

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