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Full Count by David Cone: A Great Pitching Book [Review]

Full Count by David Cone: A Great Pitching Book  [Review]

What’s up! Coach Dan Blewett here and
I’ve got a book that I highly recommend that I wanted to share you my channel
and that is full count the education of a pitcher by David Cone. So if you don’t
know who David Cone, is he threw a perfect game in the big leagues he was a
big league veteran came with the Royals then with the Mets and the Yankees and
throughout his book he talks about not only how he grew up as a pitcher what
his mindset was as a young kid playing with clean catch with his dad and
learning everything from his dad to his entire big-league career as a rookie a
lot of mistakes he made include taunting not taunting another player but he wrote
a column about another player that earned him a lot of flack in the World
Series and he talks pretty candidly about how that impacted his performance
when he had all these people basically booing him and the other teammates or
the other team talking trash about him because of some things he wrote in the
paper he talks a ton about confidence on the mound how his confidence went up and
down his love for pitching and the strategic side of it the competition of
it it really comes out in the book which is something I personally really
identify with that’s the one thing that I really miss about pitching myself is
the competing and just thinking your way through a game and I think he does an
awesome job in the book just conveying how cerebral pitching is how much he
loves pitching which again it’s cool to get the personal side of a guy who was a
longtime big-league veteran too for him to really share who he is as a pitcher
his mindset on the mound including some of his struggles he talked about in his
complete game that he was very aware that he was throwing a complete game and
you think of a lot of these guys being robots out there impervious to the
pressure and the fans and the media and again he’s very frank that that’s not
the case that he and lots of his other teammates feel that stuff and they’re
people and they have ups and downs and they have a life outside of baseball on
their on the row with their teammates and there’s teammates stuff going on in
the clubhouse and there’s all these different things that we’re not privy to
that he shares a lot of in the book so I think if you’re a player if you’re a
coach if you’re a parent you’re really interested in baseball especially if
you’re a Yankees fan or Mets fan of Royals
you’ll definitely identify with some of his stories about his former teammates
winning World Series is with the Yankees and all that stuff so I again I highly
recommend the book I really liked it and there’s not a lot of like first hand
baseball stuff being written by guys like him giving back to the game and
sharing their knowledge there’s a lot of stuff on the analytics side which is
fantastic as well I’ve got some reviews of new books coming on that side and
there’s a lot of like there’s a lot about how baseball is changing but I
really again appreciated someone who’s been there and done that giving all of
his knowledge and again I think the most one of the most valuable things about
his book is how he shares that even these guys you see on TV they have these
mental struggles on the mound these confidence issues even when they look
like it about everything figured out on TV they still have doubts just like
everyone else they still feel tired they still feel gassed they still sometimes
don’t know if they can get the next out or the next three outs or whatever
finish this game for their team but David Cone talks a ton about his
passion for being a bulldog and for for eating up innings and for being that guy
who can go 120 pitches and again that’s something I think that was really cool
about the book so again David Cone’s book,
Full Count: Education of a Pitcher. Highly recommend you pick it up you can grab a
copy there’s links in the description below but again definitely check the
book out I loved it as a pitcher and I think you will too.

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Thanks for the recommendation I’ll check this book out.

Side note and maybe a completely dumb question to ask you but have you read “The Baseball Playbook” by Ron Polk?

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