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Game Changer | Episode 6: Headbanger’s Ball | Topgolf

Game Changer | Episode 6: Headbanger’s Ball | Topgolf

– On this episode of Game Changer, (rock music) (upbeat music) – Yes!
– There you go! (screaming) – Hey guys. How’s everything going? – Hey. – I’m your waitress. I see you got your game going, you got your drinks. You guys want me to
help you with the game? – Sure. – I can change it up a bit. – Okay. – That sound good?
– Yeah, yeah! – Good ’cause you’re on Game Changer. – Okay! (cheering) (laughing) – I’m about to win you some money. Does that sound fun? (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] They came for Topgolf. Now we’re changing the game and surprising one lucky bay with a chance to win some big money. Are you game? This is Game Changer. (cheering) – Check this out! (cheering) – What even is that? – Isn’t my box fancy? And how do all of you beautiful
people know each other? – Dance. – Yes. – [Host] The ladies dance. And they’re like the body guards? – Yeah, we got the law
enforcement over here. – All right, let me tell
you guys how this works. You guys are gonna work together to play three games to win so much money. (cheering) All the money. – How much? – At the end, you’re gonna have a chance to take the biggest
Topgolf shot of your life to double what you already won. Does that sound good? – Let’s do it. – All right, let’s see your first game. Oh, look how cute! – [Female] It is cute! – [Host] It’s little teeny shirt! The game is you’re gonna
squeeze into that, go! No, I’m just kidding. (laughing) It’s a wet t-shirt contest. Who’s into it? Who’s gonna get wet? (laughing) Yes, my girl! Get up here, let’s do this! – Yeah, Shirin! (cheering) You ready? – Yes. – I like how you’re like, all right, wet t-shirt I’m in. – I’m in. – Yup, you’re the one. – Hey, I’m Shirin. I’m from Goodyear, Arizona. I think my biggest strength
is that I’m very athletic. I’m pretty fast at everything I do, so I think that’s where I
really have my strong suit here. – [Announcer] This is not your
momma’s wet t-shirt contest. We have five bins stuffed with
some seriously wet t-shirts. Your job is to get as
many of those wet t-shirts onto your body as you can. Each shirt you get on is worth $100. You’ve got 60 seconds. How do you feel about it? – A lot of money! – All right, I’m gonna
put time on the clock. Are you ready girl? – Yeah. – Get set. Go! – [Male] Go Shirin! (cheering) – [Female] Oh, come on! You got it! Go! (cheering) That’s right, girl! (cheering) – Go, Shirin! (cheering) – Keep going! (cheering) – Yeah! (cheering) Go, Shirin! (buzzer) – [Host] I wanted to
give you that last shirt. You really almost drowned. – I really did. (laughing) – It’s like the Titanic all over again. (laughing) So you got nine shirts. How much is that? – $900! (cheering) – [Male] Go Shirin! Go Shirin! – That was insane. Your girl Shirin just won you $900. (cheering) – Yeah! – While she’s soaking wet
and getting dried off, let’s see what your next challenge is. True colors! All right, someone’s gotta be
good at trivia for this one. Who’s it gonna be? (laughing) The smart one in the bunch! Let’s bring home the bacon. Yes! – My name’s Andrea. I’m from L.A, and I’m actually a sixth
grade English teacher. This is the most spontaneous
thing we’ve ever done. I’ve never done anything
like this before in my life. I haven’t. Shirin’s a little more wild, but I’m more modest, so I’m kind of ready to
get out of my comfort zone. – [Host] Okay, this game is banging. Quite literally, you get it? ‘Cause it’s a drum set, ah! (laughing) I’m gonna ask you a series
of trivia questions. Each answer involves one of the colors of the drums in front of you. I ask, you bang. Each answer you get correct, 50 bucks! (cheering) Are you ready? Here we go! The western themed video game, blank dead redemption. – [Crowd] Red! – [Host] Yes. The full name of Jennifer
Aniston’s character on Friends was Rachel? – [Crowd] Green! – [Host] Green! Alecia Beth Moore goes by
this name when she sings her pop hits Who Knew and So What. Pink! (cheering) The CW drama Arrow is based
on the DC comic book hero, blank arrow. – [Male] Green arrow. – [Host] Yes! Elvis used to sing about his suede shoes. What color were they? – [Crowd] Blue! – [Host] Blue. Molly Ringwald was pretty in
what color in this John Hughes film from 1986?
– [Crowd] Pink! – [Host] Yes. What was the name of
Coldplay’s first hit single? Yellow! (cheering) The Game of Throne’s wedding where so many people died.
– [Crowd] Red! – [Host] It was so sad! In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy put on slippers and
walked down this color road. (cheering) What color was the mile Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan walked down? – [Crowd] Green! (laughing) – Steve Martin played Jacques
Cousteau in the blank Panther. – [Crowd] Pink! (laughing) – Dr. Seuss’ Sam I Am
really wanted his pal to try
– [Crowd] Green! (laughing) – What color was the oyster
cult who needed more cow bell to play Don’t Fear the Reaper? – Blue, just go blue. – [Host] Blue, yes! In 1966, Ringo Starr sang
about a man who sailed to sea in a vessel that was what color? – Pick one. – [Host] No! Yellow! This color cheese is a popular
complement to buffalo wings. – [Crowd] Blue! – Blue! Last one. When there are two full
moons in the same month, the second one is known as a? – [Crowd] Blue. (cheering) (rock music) – Rockstar! (cheering) – [Host] Girl, you
banged your way to $750! (cheering) – Oh my God! (cheering) – [Host] Are you guys ready
to see your third challenge? That’s my ex boyfriend. What are you doing in there? (laughing) All right, this is head bangers ball. I need four people up here dancing. Who’s it gonna be? – All right, let’s go! (cheering) – Hi, I’m Alexis. I’m actually from the Philippines, and I design costumes. – All right, we’re gonna
see how hard you rock! (cheering) – [Announcer] Everyone has a pedometer strapped to their headband. We’re gonna blast some rock n’ roll. For every head bang you record, your team wins $5. You’ve got 30 seconds. – Are you ready? – [Crowd] Yes. – Get set. Rock! (rock music) Wow. We’re ready to go on the road ’cause you guys just
banged out 353 head bangs. (cheering) For a grand total from
that game of $1,765. – Oh my God! (cheering) Let’s celebrate with a dance party! (rock music) You’re in this band too! Get up here! (cheering) You guys, that is so impressive. You guys won $3,415. (cheering) – That’s so much! – It’s yours to keep. But you have one chance,
one shot to double it. – Okay. – This is the real game changer. (cheering) Right here, you guys
could go home with $6,830. (cheering) All you have to do is
hit a Topgolf target. Any Topgolf target with that golden ball to double your money. One person, one shot. Who’s it gonna be? – Larry! – Let’s do it. – [Crowd] Larry, Larry, Larry! (cheering) – Hi, I’m Larry Travis, and I am from Los Angeles,
California originally, and I am a police officer. If I win some big money today, I’m just gonna go have some fun with it. – Okay, Larry. You’ve got one shot to
double all of your money. No pressure! – [Female] You got this. (laughing) – You got this! (dramatic music) – Oh my God, go go go go! (cheering) – You guys just won $6,830. (cheering) And because here at Topgolf
we’re all about the win win, we’re gonna match what you guys just won and donate it to Bunkers in Baghdad, so congratulations! (cheering) Thank you for playing! You’re all so amazing! That was Game Changer. (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Do you want
more Game Changer action? Follow Topgolf and watch
new episodes all summer. (intense music)


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