Golf Chipping From Thick Grass : Golf Chipping in Thick Grass: Pitching Wedge

Ok, we’re in this grassy bunker, and we’re
going to use the pitching wedge, to get out of here. The grass is pretty thick, so this
club is going to give you a little more forward momentum out of it, versus a sand wedge, or
a sixty degree wedge, because it doesn’t have quite as much loft as those clubs, but what
I want you to think about, is it’s going to give you a little more forward momentum. So
you don’t need as much of a back swing, because the club’s got more power potential in it,
but I want you to make sure you follow through. So with this club, you don’t need to take
a huge back swing and accelerate, to get the ball to be popped up. You just need to push
the ball out of here, with a short back swing, so let’s see how I can do. I close the stance.
My feet are relatively close together. I choke down a little bit, and I’m going to take a
short back swing, and accelerate up. Now, that was a pretty good shot, but the problem
with using the pitching wedge, out of this type of lie, with a short shot. I mean, there’s
not much green to work with, is the chance of pushing the ball along past the hole, which
is what I did, so that’s why in certain circumstances, you may or may not want to use this shot,
but if the pin was further back, this would be a perfect club, so you got to decide what
the right, right situation is. Now, I’m going to try it with an open face, to see if I can
shorten the amount of roll I get, so I open my stance, and that’s a little closer to the
hole, but this is a tough shot, a tough club to use this close, but if you practice it
enough, you might want to use it at times, or for a more appropriate shot.

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