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Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge

Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge

Okay, if any shot calls for a sixty degree
wedge, we don’t have that much wind, I’ve got a sand trap in front of me, and I’m about
probably forty five to fifty yards from the edge of the green. So I can take a pretty
full swing with my sixty degree wedge and that way I don’t have to think about slowing
it down or did I take the club back too far or not enough. I can just really point at
my target. So I’m going to go with a little open stance on this one and open the club
face, and I’m going to try to get it to the middle of the green here. And so we’ll see
how I can do here.
Okay, that wasn’t too bad. It was a little short but it was decently struck. So now I
know what I need to work on. So I’m going to, I’m going to work on that shot again.
So I’m going to open the stance to the target, open the club face a little bit. Okay, now
that one I hit a little too hard. So I’ve hit one a little too soft, one a little too
hard, let’s see if I can get the Goldilocks results here. So I’ve got to fiddle around
with my stance and just get comfortable. And you need a lot of repetitions of this shot
because these shots are so important that when you get them on the course in a tournament,
you want to be able just, now that one was just right. So that was really good. So that’s
what you, you want to practice the sixty degree shot a lot. Open stance, open face, closed
stance, neutral face, and closed face. So you get a really good feel. But this is an
incredibly important shot because if you don’t execute this shot well, it can lead to a lot
of extra shots.


Got to hope this guy doesn't need income from his YouTubes to buy food….just the most useless, inept piece of instruction.

i am pretty good and have fairly low scores when i get to pick the best of 3 of each of my shots…no really 🙂

forgetting his swing finish, he almost has no tempo. my swing is quick, but my wedge swing is much better than that. he hit his one good shot at the end- "Now that ONE was just right" haha

I have a very fast swing but when I use a wedge I just slow my swing down and follow through and it gets up and goes right where i want it to go. This is obviously has no clue how to hit a wedge. I mean look at his feet they are way too close together.

Is expert village the biggest trolling in history? Has there ever been an "expert" on this channel?

My 60 deg gives me 70 yards. This experts gets 40 yards with a full swing? This guy is softer than tissue. Maybe the only golf-related question I'd ask him is which is funnier, Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore.

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