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Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 7 Iron

Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 7 Iron

Okay, our, our last club that we’re going
to work with in this series is the seven iron. Now we’re about 45 or 50 yards from the front
of green, we’ve got a sand trap in our way. So imagine it’s unbelievably windy out and
it’s either finish the round or go back to work, so we’re going to finish the round and
we’ve got to use this seven iron to cheat the wind. So if the, if the pin that I’m aiming
at is close to the sand trap, I’m probably not going to use this club, I’m going to use
this if it’s a long long way back on the green. So I’m really looking at, it’s 45 yards to
the front of the green, and about 25 to 30 yards to the flag that I’m aiming at, so I’m
looking to put this ball in the air about 50 yards, 55 yards, maybe a few more, and
then it’s going to roll another 20 yards. So that’s the idea here. Okay, that one I hit a little bit too strong,
but I did not get close to these traps and depending on the wind that might have sat
down perfectly. But that’s the whole idea here. So let’s see if I can execute it on
this one. So I want the ball to be in the air about 50 yards. Now that’s a lot better.
That’s right in the middle of the green and that’s rolling toward the back by the flag
that I’m aiming at. So the seven iron is a way of, it’s a simpler club to hit because
you don’t really need to get underneath it and drive the ball up, you just need to hit
it, get some loft and just if you hit it at the right pace, it’s going to go the distance
you want. So you know it’s not that complicated of a shot, but you have to be worried of all
these obstacles in your path, so that’s what makes the decisions tough. So it’s a great
club to master for this type of distance in the right circumstance. So work on it, and
you’ll have it when you need it.


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