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Hard Feelings – Fusion of Sound Tour / Interview with The Pitcher

Hard Feelings – Fusion of Sound Tour / Interview with The Pitcher

For me it would be awesome to perform one time in America. That’s still my dream! For me the best track at the Smack album? That would be This is who we are with Slim Shore We made a lot of collabs with other artists which are good too. But yeah, this is my favorite. Yes, in my carreer I did experienced somethings. You will always keep that. There was a party in Italy. In club number one. They have the tradition to build pyramids from people. Everybody is going to stand along the side. And when the kick comes in they all will run to the middle. The person who hits to roof is the hero of the night. Yeah, there are always things which you keep in mind. Yes, I do like different kinds of music. The pitcher has as slogan “enjoy the music”. With that slogan you need to be open minded. I do like dubstep and electro! A couple of times I went to Extrema (festival in Holland). So yes, I do listen a lot of different music. I think that you will get a lot of inspiration in other kinds of music. Fuck hardstyle? No never! But from time to time other kinds of music is nice too Ok dear “Limburgers”. Would you like to be at a sociable and good party? Then come too Hard Feelings – Fusion of Sound Tour, 4 februari 2012 in Limburg. See you guys there! Bye bye! for more interviews and info about Hard Feelings! Or check our Youtube channel=)!

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