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He Did Things to Me at Baseball Camp That I’ll Never Forget

He Did Things to Me at Baseball Camp That I’ll Never Forget

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So this [email protected]$$ Jereld or whatever is the reason why all this sh*t is happening to you? As my friend Ethan would say, " He must go die in a ditch and burn in hell!". But seriously tho, I'm glad you got better.

This is really dumb come on YouTube this girl is talking about topic at is very important to her on here guys why can't you guys lit her or anyone say what happened to them on here this is annoying to me and others at love this channel on here

The people exist who want to spoil your life by doing bad things to you but you're the one who's incharge of your own life. Your one move can be make your future beautiful. If you have told someone and they don't believed you. Remember there are people who will listen to you so don't worry.

How do you decide if this was a woman or a man writing? They never said, that they were female. Is there +information in the written story?

1st title : My fictional twin saved my life
2nd title : He did things to me at baseball camp that I will never forget
Tell me if it changes

I had an experience exactly as this, only, instead of writing, I've always drawn. I've drawn new characters, new stories and new things every single day since I was a little girl.
I.. can't describe how much this video spoke to me. Whoever you are, out there, thank you for sharing this story❤️

Dude: touches me
Me: Gets touched (besides of my girlfriend)SCRREEEEAMMMMM
Coach:Wtf just happened
Me:Cause he touched me
Coach(Secretly a cop):*arrests him
Me:Thank you!!!

ok. i do the same thing. i love to write. then i got into an emotional abusive relationship. recently, i started a new story after not writing for a while. i made this character named Vic. she was quirky, smart, talented, like me. i’ve made her go through all the heartbreak i went through. all the tears i shed. realistic fiction is a fantastic genre. ❤️

Other people: Parents notice whats on ur arm and u get help
Me: Parents notice whats on ur arm and u get yelled at for being depressed, cus they think u have a good life

2:40 around this time it got to real to me

Trama does one thing to you. Fucks up your thoughts, that's it.

But, that's why it's so destructive

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