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Hilleberg Windsack Pitching Instructions

Hilleberg Windsack Pitching Instructions

The Hilleberg Windsack was originally conceived as an emergency bivy bag, but it has proven itself perhaps even more useful as a portable, temporary refuge from inclement conditions during ski
tours or other winter adventures. Available in a 2- and a 3-person version, the Windsack has a highly breathable and water repellent front, and a fully waterproof, silicone-coated nylon back. The Windsack is a temporary shelter Find a place as protected from the wind as possible Ideally you should dig out a
dedicated spot or bench in the snow. Put a foam sleeping pad or similar insulator
behind your back inside the Windsack to provide insulation from the cold. Before deploying the Windsack, pull out
the integrated quart and wrap and secure it around your waist Open up the bottom of the Windsack and
pull it over your and your companions heads. The multi slider top zipper can be
sipped shut for maximum weather protection or adjusted to create head
openings. Once inside you can enjoy a snack or a rest break, change clothes,
deal with equipment issues, administer first aid, or even take a nap. The Windsack as an emergency bivy As an emergency beauty bag the Windsack will
accommodate occupants plus all their sleeping pads and sleeping bags. Three
people in the Windsack 3, and two people in the Windsack 2. Anchor the
two corner loops at the top of the wind sack either to a pack or other heavy
object or to some kind of anchor placed in the snow. Arrange the sleeping pads and bags into the Windsack. Climb into the Windsack. The last person in should
cinch the draw cord tight Other uses for the Windsack With trekking poles branches or suspension points and the red side up
you can create a lean-to shelter tarp or windbreak. In addition the Windsack is
quite useful as a sleeping bag cover whether in a tent, a snow cave, under a tarp, or in the open, and its bright red back will serve as a signal panel for
signaling airborne rescuers. Have a wonderful outing and enjoy the
wilderness, but leave a small of an imprint as possible. Leave everything the
way you would like to find it the next time you come back. Visit to
see our entire product range and to find more videos with practical tips. You can
also read more about us our history our philosophy and how we make our tents. you


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