Hitters Load For Successful Hitting

Alright let’s talk about hitting last segment we talked about the Seven Pillars of building a good hitter we talk about a good foundation we talked about the legs strength to run the race the core the center of power a good hitter shoulders the responsibility we got a positive mentality we have a vision for success we have a heart of desire now we’re going to start giving you some components to building a complete hitter and i want to use the word called the ELITE and that word alone means set apart we’re going to use that as our components to build this good hitter that first he stands for early load and all that means is we’re going to do something with our body to get prepared to hit because the hitter has to be ready to hit actually we’re going to go with a negative movement moving away from the ball and then turn it into a positive in fact we got to be negative before ever gonna be positive when does that happen well when a pitcher starts to get about right here I say when he shows you his tail there go ahead Blair demonstrate right here well I need to see a hitter doing something to get prepared to hit so one more time Blair demonstrate that come up here that’s what I need to see here getting ready now he goes from a negative and it transfers back to athletic or what we call them right here the center line right down here through the bottom to our body we want to rotate on it at that point time we go positive athletic and explosive rotation so that’s what we’re going to look for working on the load every time we swing the bat we want to get our body prepared to hit all right let’s start right here on the tee notice a good negative movement when he goes back a explodes through the ball goes from negative to positive or negative to athletic to a positive explosion hold that finish for me Blair now whenever we’re starting to check for some things I call the power L this inverted L right here in our leg that tells me boy we got this inverted we’re using all our major muscles that leg strength and using our glutes but also this L right here in our foot that’s very important alright we overlook at sometimes but that shows an athlete is going from negative to positive when I see that good explosion with that foot see that good L right in there good see him go back and explode through their very nice Blair very nice ok Blair is going to continue over there we’re going to move over here to Tyler and we’re just going to upgrade is we got the T3 Elite Training Bat and as you can tell this one of my favorite tools boy this teaches that good explosion everything we’re talking about it starts to incorporate that Tyler is going to do a drill called a step back all he is going to do it is a hop back he’s hot back then gonna hop back and what that does does it just over emphasize that negative movement out of that he’s going to explode into a positive and drive the baseball I like hitting out on the open field from sometimes with my soft toss because then it lets me see the true flight of the ball alright Tyler let her rip big man look at that attaboy you can see the separation of the hands that bat is about 38 ounces right now he’s just driving that bat head down in there and it comes from this initial negative movement and he explodes right into the ball very good alright remember we touched on it today the Seven Pillars we started with the components using the word ELITE early load was first today remember we gotta go negative to go positive we’ll see you next time we’re gonna keep on hitting all right come on big man attaboy!

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