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How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

As we grow older we often lose the extreme ends of our hearing spectrum. So, how many of the following sounds can you hear? How old are your ears? Ok, if you can hear 8000 Hz, you’re both alive and not hearing impaired. But lets keep raising the frequency. How high could you hear? If you could hear all of those frequencies, you’re probably under 20 years old. But that won’t last forever. Unlike other organs such as the liver or skin, the inner ear does not have the capacity to regenerate In your ear there are thousands of tiny nerve cells called hair cells. these are responsible for picking up different frequencies and send the signal to the brain where it’s processed , but as you age the continued exposure to noise and loud sounds can break, bend and destroy these cells So, why did the high frequencies go first? It turns out that the hairs tuned to high pitches are the first to encouter sound waves. As a result, they experience more stress and tend to degenerate earlier. Wich is why the older you are, the harder it is to hear high pitches. Got a burning question you want answered? Ask in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter. And subscribe for more weekly science videos!


Is this weird, I have done other tests and I have heard above 25,000 Hertz. I really need help to find out, thanks. 😀

I hear every sounds but I’m not 20 years old I’m only 7 years old and I’m looking for high signal about the dangerous red phone numbers don’t pick up or you will die in a second

The reason alot of people can't hear past 16000 or hear a tapping noise is because youtube only supports 16000 hz face palm

I'm 49 and heard them all, so, I wouldn't put too much stock in this video for test – go to a doctor if you really want to know how your hearing is..

But nobody could hear the frequency above 16 000.In fact humans can hear to 17 000 hz.I m younger than 24 and could not hear the ones that were for younger than 40

at 44 I can hear 12k in my right ear, my left I can't even hear AT ALL the 8,000 sound. I isolated it, put a finger in my ear on right side. I cannot hear it. I did another 'hearing test' on another yt channel and 7500 is where the limit is. However, on this test if I crank the volume up I can BARELY hear the 8k, I can tell when it starts. But I can hear 12k almost ok, it's low at 100% volume but It's in my left ear. However, if I take a REAL doctors hearing test, I can hear 11k in left and 15k in right, so youtube is screwing you all. 1) make sure your headphones or speakers are in the range of the test (ie, 20hz to 20khz) and do it multiple times. For me, the higher 13k + are an issue. 12k IF I turn up the volume, in right ear the 12k is fine at normal. So now I know if I balance my speakers slightly to the left, and cut the frequencies I can balance the sound of anything being played to me.

I’m 21 and I could hear the under 20, but barely. Also after 15000hz (40yr) the volume get much lower. And I’m not talking about the tapping sound. The high frequency is still there but with much lower volume. He also play the high frequency sounds at the end of the video

I think this video is bogus. I couldn't hear anything after 15k with this video, but my music editing software goes up to 22k+ and if I on the highest quality remove everything under 18k and boost the rest high, I can clearly hear something even past 19k. Edit: Oh, actually now I heard 17k and 18k. 19k as well. They just weren't what I thought they'd be. Not the clicking, but there's a different sound. It's almost totally drowned by the hum of my PC though.

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