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How to be Confident and Stay In Charge when Pitching your Proposal

How to be Confident and Stay In Charge when Pitching your Proposal

So, when I was working with my AAA member yesterday on the phone and going through his offers and helping him like refine some things with his pricing and packaging and whatnot, we, you know, at first, I liked the packages he put together. And the more we started talking about it, I was like, this is kind of complicating things. Right? So, going back to the value ladder, when I talk with you guys about times, is keeping it super simple. Right? And this is something I’m, you know, always worked towards in my business in trying to simplify things. Because again, as entrepreneurs we tend to overcomplicate a lot of things. So, when it comes to what you’re offering clients, especially clients who are what I like to call good old boys, where they might be in the trade business. Even medical, right? Even healthcare. They qualify as that because they don’t, in a different sense. They’re called good old boys. But they don’t really know a whole lot about marketing. They don’t care. They’re so busy. They just want it to work. All they care about is the end result. The goal is to not come up with all these different packages and pricing to show your prospects. It’s to keep it simple. So you want to have those obviously in your back pocket but the goal isn’t to go in with a proposal and give them three different, you know, package options right out of the gate. So, we need to keep it as simple as possible. So, for example with the individual I was working with yesterday, instead of showing people like three different package options that they could choose in the future along with the foot-in-the-door offers, instead just being like, Here’s how we work. We first start with this. And it’s a foot-in-the-door offer, right? Then, after that, we get into this 90-day blank blank lead gen campaign… lead gen package, lead gen solutions. Whatever you want to call it with the name. So, like facelift, for example. I’m just throwing that out there because it’s a particular product if you will, within a particular industry. So, if you work with plastic surgeons, it would be like, you know, and I have a proposal to show… Like you guys can see this in action in how we do this in Mod Girl, inside your RAS members’ area. And how we name these and whatnot, right? So, like Facelift Lead Generation Solutions. Facelift Patient Acquisition Solutions. Then you go into that after the foot-in-the-door and you say, This is what we do next and the reason we do this is because, you know, we have found that this is the best path to get your ROI the quickest. And so, the question was, that I received from a couple of people actually recently was, Well, what if… What if they come to you and they’re like We don’t… We don’t want that. We want… We want social media. We want a new website. We want PPC ads. And we want SEO. That’s what we want. And I’m like, Well then, you have to have the confidence to tell them that’s not advisable. Like, you are the expert. And the moment that you guys let the client or the prospect take control and be the alpha, you lose. Because guess what? They’re in charge. They’re the ones calling the shots. They’re the ones who are gonna bitch about pricing and try to get a lower rate. They’re the ones who are gonna be a pain in the ass clients for you because you let them take control. So, you guys have to be uber-confident in what you are doing at all times in telling people, Look, you want… you know, so if in that situation, this is how I would handle it. If someone was like, Well, can’t you just give me SEO and social media and PPC and a new website? I would take a step back and be like, So… at the end of the day, your end goal is to get new patients, right? Like that’s what you want is you want to grow your practice with new patients. Yes? Okay. So, what I know works is X, Y and Z. All those things that you just mentioned right now are not necessary right now. or where you are at your business. They’re not necessary. What I do know is necessary and that will work in getting you new patients is a lead generation funnel using Facebook ads and Google Ads. That’s all you need right now. You don’t need all these other things. So, just because the clients are telling you or the prospects are telling you, they want this, this, this and this… You shouldn’t give it to them because they don’t know. They don’t know. You know… You don’t know what you don’t know, right? And there are some people who think they know everything and they don’t. Exactly what Laura said, people don’t know what they need. And you’re gonna work with all different types of personalities and you’re gonna cut… You might come across this. Luckily in the industries that we work in, we don’t come across this. We rarely do. Because again, we work primarily with doctors who are so damn busy. They just want us to tell them what to do. Which is great. But when you’re working in like tech, especially tech, SaaS companies, which we work with and did a lot in the past, you’re gonna probably come across people like that. Especially like CMOs, right? And marketing directors. So, if you’re working with like teams, you might get people that are like that. And so, you have to be in charge. And you have to show them that you are the expert. This is how it works. Instead of like, you know, be like… Okay. Fine. Here’s a proposal with all these things.

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