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How To Get Sponsored on YouTube and Pitching Sponsorship Deals

How To Get Sponsored on YouTube and Pitching Sponsorship Deals


hello Roberto. I love your videos. I watched the one about collaborating. I was hoping you would collaborate with me.

I was just contacted by a network and have been researching MCNs and sponsorship deals lately. Your video came at a perfect time. Thanks Roberto!

Awesome Roberto. I'm having a birthday party for my channel soon and was looking into sponsorship so I could possibly get some premium giveaway items for my audience. I'm going to check out out Grapevine and maybe there is some opportunity there. This was helpful Thank you! 🙂

Great video. I did a video sponsored by Taco Bell that turned out great and I show potential sponsors that as an example.

Great tips. Thanks for sharing Roberto!.. I guess I'll have to wait till I get a higher count. hitting 500 views a video will be goal for now

Relevant video Roberto but I have a pretty deep question what, if you have a sponsorship to review for example in new brand of skateboard. But after using it, you realize the bearings don't run smooth the bushings are too hard and the wood Breaks too easily. What do you tell your audience and what do you tell the sponsor or do you just not do the review? Interesting thought. Thanks.

I'm quite far away from ever seriously considering sponsorships at the moment, but the video was very interesting, nonetheless!

Always loved your videos, man. They've been very helpful to my friends and myself with our own channels. Also, awesome desktop background!

Valid stuff. But you can approach the brands even if your channel is below 1000 subs. I have done a bunch of brand deals below 1000 subs. And surprisingly some of the brands have proposed to do more of them!

Roberto, I appreciate that you share your tricks with us. I think not everyone is willing to do that. Specially people that learned in the hard way.

Great advice, Roberto. I am just starting to build things up and I am trying to scrape a studio look together, similar to yours.
Do you have some soft boxes or home-made lighting? Do you use one a teleprompter? I see that you have segments cut in which means you can do a mini-segment and then edit it in. Nice job on the post-pro.
Thanks – Steve –

Great Video, Man! I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. Although, I am not yet "Doing it" I have used your tips, almost as a guide, to grow my channel. for only going three weeks, it's going great. YouTube actually took views from me thinking they were false views do to how quick I was getting seen. they later gave them back because they were legitamate. Even though I still have a ton to learn from you, your help so far has been very valuable. thankyou!

What I don't understand is that you still haven't reached your 100k subscribers yet, because you should definitely have that and even more!

Will be checking out grapevine. Thanks for the great advice! I'm trying to put together a following, and your feed has a TON of super helpful tips. I haven't found another channel with such practical advice for building a following. It's not just interviews with successful youtubers. Anyways, thanks for making videos like this, you're the man!

Hi Roberto, I'm a small youtuber here, I do gameplays of Android games I use az recorder to record my videos. A big problem is that I'm not able to record my narration… I could record it from my phone's inbuilt microphone but the volume will be very low and it'll pick up background noises. So I bought a headset with a microphone but it is not working with my phone.. Please give me a solution.. Please reply to this…

great videos you have on your channel, I was referred to you By (BrokenBarbieTv) I must watch and learn from you, thanks for helping us out, great tips also 🙂

I've been binge watching your videos for about 2 hours now and you subscribers went up by at least a couple hundred and I am just mind blown thats awesome I wish you a ton of success I can only hope to get 1/10th of ur subs haha great video great content you have and also ur don't have an annoying voice with is a plus

Just want to say how helpful your videos are, i'm just getting started on youtube here and unlike all the other videos i've watched on youtube, you actually explain in detail what we need to be looking for and doing to help our channels instead of just saying "create content and collaborate". So THANK YOU for these, it is very very helpful and i've already subscribed to your channel for more helpful tips! Thank you and you're doing such a great job ! 🙂

Hi Roberto, how do I do a live collab with other YT channels? what I am interested in doing is taking each channel's niche and pair them all together in one video. please advise.

sounds like the message here is to just 'Be Transparent'. Be honest with potential sponsors and honest to your Audience. Network relative product.

Thanks for the info. I have a few animation channels that I'm trying to get off the ground and wonder how quick companies are to work with people who do their on animations and are willing to put their products in their works. Here is one of my animations, if anyone is interested:

Roberto i've noticed that on almost all the places you've recommended for getting sponsorships, none of them accept only 1000 subscribers anymore. Is there any place out there that would be good to go for 1k channels?

Would really love a video on how to write a proposal. I know that each one should be unique but just an outline around what information you typically include + the do's and don'ts of writing proposals would be really helpful.

I've been looking for sponsorships and all, and a lot of other things, but I just can't seem to find ways that i'm ABLE to get bigger. my channel is growing really slowly and I want to get big so I can help support my family. I just wish I knew what it is I could actually do

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