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How to load to increase pitching velocity

How to load to increase pitching velocity


Regarding the shoulder tilt…
Should my shoulders be tilted because my glove hand is higher, or because my throwing hand is lower? Or is it a mixture of both?

Good video ,,,i know that field ,,i think,,looks like a clearwater field ,,, ive pitched on that field, for sure, back in the late 70s ,,,wish id had known this info back then..

Hey a big problem I have pitching is I open my front shoulder and I drag my arm I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix this

For me it feels more comfortable in my delivery if I stride and don't go into a full leg kick. Should I still try to show the bottom of my cleat to the catcher even if I only lift my foot off the ground about 6-7 inches ?

Hi im twelve years old and your videos have helped me a lot, I play ss, 2b, 3b and sometimes right/center field, I also wanted to know if you have any drills that are specific for those positions

I gain a lot of my velocity from pushing on my back leg, but I feel (and think) that I lose that speed when I bend my front (where the foot points to home) leg. Is it better to keep that front leg bent or straight. I've watching professional pitchers keep their legs bent/straight but I'm not sure if it correlates to arm slot or anything. Or do you just want your front leg straight by the time you release the ball?

Very nice information John, I'm feel more comfortable making tHiS mechanics throwing from slide position than front.
Since december I'm modify mi wind up with the hip movement and using more My 2 seam fastball and i see a lot of good results when i pitch.
My Max velocity iS 82 mph.
Great videos greetings.

Hi, I was wondering if I was in the average range for velocity, I'm 14 turning 15 in april. I throw average 74-76 top out 78 on the mound with my fastball. Changeup is at 60-64 and curveball is at 64-66. I've been working really hard but I can't seem to get anymore velocity out of me. I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week but I just can't get more velocity out of me thanks.

Sup John ,I had watched the video you sent me and I just got done watching this video, I just figure out one of problems, I do not load my shoulders when I pitch, my shoulders fly open ?

Yessir I will and I got a another question, is it a good thing have my foot on the rubber ,when I push off ?

My problem is self confidence. Once I start walking people, I psych myself out and start doing even worse..

Hi John, I've been wacthing your channel since 2011. You have really helped me all these years. I am 5'8 155lbs and 15 years old. Im trying out for my Highschool baseball team. I would appreciate if you have more tips. Thanks

just wanted to say thank you for your videos. Baseball is my oldest son's sports love and even if he doesn't know-you have helped him. You are appreciated in Kansas.

my dad always gives me shit for tilting my shoulders I have lost velocity and control ever since he changed my mechanics and the worst part is he doesn't know english. so I can't show him this fucking video.

Hey John!
I have a question, I am 13 years old and I pitch probably around 40-45. Whenever I pitch for 2-3 innings, the inside of my elbow begins to hurt, but I cannot find anything I'm doing wrong. Also, what is probably the easiest way to increase speed? I am 6ft about 175 lbs and I know I should be able to throw faster, because there are littler kids throwing about 60. Thank you man and keep putting out the great videos!

Great simple quick video. I am so tired of coaches teach picking the leg and holding in a balanced position before striding. If I question WHY they teach that way almost all say that is the way they were taught. I wish they would take the time to watch slo-mo of big Leaguers to see how it actually looks when done correctly. Or the could just subscribe to your site!

Hi! My name is Teddy, I am 19 years old and I am working my way towards making the Varsity Baseball Team at the University at Buffalo. I just wanted to say thank you so much for these videos as they have really improved my game. Ive been working on both my front and back leg during the drive and load phase and i have seen great results! my ball moves faster and i get more break out of my breaking balls. Just one question, on arm care: what should i be doing before/after a game to make sure my arm stays healthy? Thanks again for great videos.

love these videos, helping me get back into it and its showing in games too, would love to see something on maybe right posistion on the mound pre pitch and changing arm angles?

What is the best way to articulate this to a coach who feels like you have to always have a tall balance point and who consistently reiterates that pitching is about balance and throwing strikes is about balance. Balance is important but it gets to the point where its super robotic and no energy goes down hill consistently because of the preaching of pausing and slowly driving down hill. Balance and location over velocity and no leaking of energy, if that makes sense.

Help! Everytime I throw a Gyro Ball (Which is my fastball) it kinda moves left or right instead of a straight one kinda like slider should I stop using it? I'm 12 clocked at 70 mph fastball

is it better to go straight up with your knee when pitching or to go up and back to get more rotation from your hips and shoulders?

Andy Pettite immediately comes to mind when you speak of the slight shoulder tilt that you want to create in your windup. I don't think anybody did it better than he did.

John, I think you have very good tips in all your videos. As far as content, I have yet to see any vids from anywhere that have the pitcher actually throwing to a catcher or offering any perspective on what the ball should be doing. I also like where you tell people what not to do as well, but I'd like to see the difference in the full motion and maybe the radar gun difference as well. Also, I think you mention to subscribe to the channel about 5 or six times. Maybe lower that to once at the beginning and end. People will seek out good advice from trusted sources so we'll come back without you reminding us. And finally, I'd be careful about wearing MLB gear if you don't have a trademark or copyright license.

One question – when Kershaw is in his delivery, after the leg kick, his back knee bends sharply and quickly. Would you consider that an exaggerated loading movement? Or is that something else?

What about your right leg and being bent? How much bend should I have in my right leg when delivering the pitch? You look at Clayton Kershaw he has a crazy bend in his leg. Can you please explain this. Thanks.

Best quality and clearly explained instructional videos for proper pitching mechanics, tips, etc. (available on the internet). I didn’t have all this invaluable information growing up (pitching in my prime), but it’s never too late to apply this knowledge and do things right (now) in our local recreational league. Thanks Coach Madden!! #Truth #Béisbol ⚾️

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